fwbuilder 5 crashes while importing iptables

  • tom

    tom - 2012-02-09

    I was trying to use fwbuilder5 to visualize my old firewall's rules.
    However, after selecting the file to import, and then naming the object, I select commit and then FWbuilder hangs every time,
    restarting pc doesn't help.
    debug info:
    Path to executable: C:/FWBuilder50/fwbuilder.exe
    Path to resources: C:/FWBuilder50\resources
    Path to locale: C:/FWBuilder50\resources/locale
    Path to libfwbuilder data directory: C:/FWBuilder50\resources
    appRootDir: C:/FWBuilder50

    standard objects library: C:/FWBuilder50\resources\objects_init.xml
    standard templates library: C:/FWBuilder50\resources\templates.xml
    user name: Administrator

    Path to rcs: rcs.exe
    Path to rcsdiff: rcsdiff.exe
    Path to rlog: rlog.exe
    Path to ci: ci.exe
    Path to co: co.exe

    RCS timezone setting:

    RCS environment:
    PATH=C:/FWBuilder50\;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adaptec Shared\System;C:\Program Files\OTRS\StrawberryPerl\site\bin;C:\Program Files\OTRS\StrawberryPerl\perl\bin;C:\Program Files\OTRS\StrawberryPerl\c\bin;C:\Program Files\Graphviz 2.28\bin;C:\Program Files\Nmap

    Current locale: nl_BE

      Firewall Builder
      Data format version 22
      Built with QT 4.7.3
      Using QT 4.7.3
      Built with libxml2 2.7.8
      Using libxml2 20708

    FWObjectDatabase index statistics:
      index size: 340 records
      hits: 2
      misses: 0

    QPixmapCache limit: 4096 kb

    Thanks for helping out!

  • Vadim Kurland

    Vadim Kurland - 2012-02-09

    please open bug report here on SourceForge and attach iptables configuration you are trying to import.


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