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R3 - Cactrot

After months of development, FunkOS R3 is finally here!

Special features include a new C++ Kernel (FunkOS++), a minimal round-robin kernel (pipsqueak), and a cooperative (single-threaded) mode. Other new additions include a FAT16/32 driver, a GUI framework, and improved documentation.


Posted by moslevin 2010-03-20


Work on R3 is progressing well, with all sorts of new features slated to make the cut!

Many new kernel choices:
-Cooperative-mode (single threaded) for stack-conscious hosts
-Tiny round-robin preemptive scheduler (Pipsqueak kernel) for systems where just the bare minimum of multithreading kernels is needed
-Full C++ kernel port (FunkOS++ kernel), including all features from the normal "C" kernel... read more

Posted by moslevin 2010-02-07

Schedule update

I've got a lot of coals in the fire right now when it comes to embedded and hobbiest projects - and lately I've actually been able to spend some time *using* my RTOS for developing some neat projects for AVR. As a result, I'm unscheduling the release of R2 until I have the chance to finish up some other projects and then get around to debugging the newer driver and library code that's in SVN. Also - special thanks to blogger "Elementor" for giving FunkOS a full rundown on his blog - some of that feedback will go into the next release!

Posted by moslevin 2009-09-21

Updates, etc.

Over 500 downloads from AVRFreaks and! Thanks everyone!

After spending some time at the debugger, the MSP430 port is now functional on real MSP430 hardware. My AVR development hardware is now on its way, so there may be some updates to the code after that.

As always, you can find the latest source in the repository.

The preview release of FunkOS R2 "Borghild" will be released in September, featuring a preliminary Cortex M3 port and example device drivers for AVR (including an HD44780 LCD and various joysticks), in addition to some general bugfixes. ... read more

Posted by moslevin 2009-08-15

Development update

Just a quick note about the planned features for the R2 release, due out sometime in August/September:

New target: ARM Cortex M-3

New features: Several I/O drivers, including HD44780 LCD, joysticks and gamepads, and PS2 keyboard/mouse. Drivers are supported for AVR at the moment, but are written to be as portable as possible.

Kernel updates: Implemented thread removal. Stack element type is now defined based on the architecture selected, not just using byte arrays as in previous releases.

Posted by moslevin 2009-08-05

R1 Release

FunkOS R1 Andromache has been released!

New features from the preview release include:
- Preliminary support for MSP430 devices, (tested in IAR simulator only)
- Additional documentation and demo applications
- Cleanups and bugfixes found in the last month

Try it out and let me know what you think - the forums are open so any feedback and bug reports are appreciated.

Also, if you are interested in porting the kernel to other platforms, I want to hear from you! ... read more

Posted by moslevin 2009-07-13

Gearing up for the official release

Thanks to everyone who's been downloading the preview release - the response so far has been great!

As a heads up, I'm working on adding a couple of things before making an "official" R1 release complete.

-Expect to see a large selection of demo apps in the official release that covers each FunkOS feature comprehensively.

-Revisions to the documentation describing how to build FunkOS into your system.... read more

Posted by moslevin 2009-06-18

First Release Coming Soon!

Release R1 (Andromache) is nearing completion. I'm just in the process of cleaning up the documentation and migrating the source to the SVN.

Just as a note, the first release will support AVRMega323 and AVRMega644 architectures. MSP430 will be the next priority, followed by ARM targets.

Posted by moslevin 2009-06-12

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