Updates, etc.

Over 500 downloads from AVRFreaks and SF.net! Thanks everyone!

After spending some time at the debugger, the MSP430 port is now functional on real MSP430 hardware. My AVR development hardware is now on its way, so there may be some updates to the code after that.

As always, you can find the latest source in the repository.

The preview release of FunkOS R2 "Borghild" will be released in September, featuring a preliminary Cortex M3 port and example device drivers for AVR (including an HD44780 LCD and various joysticks), in addition to some general bugfixes.

Additional features will be announced as they are implemented.

I'm still sorting out what features will be expanded in R3, but continuing support for Cortex M3 is likely going to be a focus, as well as ongoing kernel optimization. I'm also toying with the idea of adding a graphics + windowing library at the moment. There will hopefully be some additional features provided by contributors by R3 as well.


Posted by moslevin 2009-08-15

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