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Funiculus / News: Recent posts


This application is for iPhone OS version 1.x (jailbroken) and thus is essentially obsolete.

Posted by J.L. Allen 2008-12-18

Version 0.22 up

Version 0.22 is now up, and it will probably soon be up on the Installer repository as well.

Posted by J.L. Allen 2008-01-22

Version 0.02 is up on this site

I have put version 0.02 isn't too much different, unless you play the banjo. There is a slightly improved GUI, but I'm still waiting for someone with artistic talent to take this job from me.

Posted by J.L. Allen 2008-01-02

It works!

Funiculus is now a working application. It still needs a lot of work to improve certain aspects of the GUI and pitch detection, but it is nevertheless functional. A binary is currently available for those wishing to test it.

Posted by J.L. Allen 2007-12-25

Code is in SVN

I've imported the code into the SVN repository...the audio works, but the rest of the program (GUI & pitch detection) need a lot of work. If anyone wants to help out/join the project, please send me a message.

Posted by J.L. Allen 2007-12-20