#14 Cancel / Pauze buttons


Love the program! 1 thing tough: synchronisation is a
very processor-heavy task (because of java?), so the
possibility to cancel the synchronisation at any time,
but also pauze/resume the operation would be very handy
(The first a neccesity, the latter a nice option, i
would think).

Also their is a problem when the program tries to
overwrite certain files (thumb files, but possibly also
other 'read only' files ?). If this can't be fixed, at
least it shouldn't interrupt the sync proces, just make
it so that at the end, there is a dialog that says 'the
following files couldn't be transferred because of this
and this', then a list of the files. A added a txt with
the error message, hopefully it will help.


  • tYpo

    tYpo - 2005-05-28

    Error message

  • gsupp

    gsupp - 2006-03-08

    Logged In: YES

    A progress bar of some kind would also be a very nice addition.

  • Guillermo Griatzky


    +1 for the cancel option.
    It will be very usefull, I'm trying different configurations with a lot of files, with ftp as destination, and the only option is to kill the process to cancel and start again, sometimes loosing parts of the configured profile.



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