Exception if source unreachable

  • Nobody in particular

    When FullSync doesn't find the source, il throws an exception :
    net.sourceforge.fullsync.FileSystemException: source is unavailable
        at net.sourceforge.fullsync.impl.AbstractTaskGenerator.execute(AbstractTaskGenerator.java:110)
        at net.sourceforge.fullsync.impl.AbstractTaskGenerator.execute(AbstractTaskGenerator.java:97)
        at net.sourceforge.fullsync.Synchronizer.executeProfile(Synchronizer.java:45)
        at net.sourceforge.fullsync.ui.MainWindow.profileExecutionScheduled(MainWindow.java:573)
        at net.sourceforge.fullsync.ProfileManager.fireProfileSchedulerEvent(ProfileManager.java:362)
        at net.sourceforge.fullsync.ProfileManager$1.run(ProfileManager.java:67)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    Then it shows a message box and hangs util you click on OK button.
    So, if a user shuts down its PC while FullSync tries to save the data the entire sync process is blocked until somebody clicks.

    I think FullSync should only file the exception on the log and continue the job.

    • Jan Kopcsek

      Jan Kopcsek - 2006-02-10

      yep, right... and notify the user of this error by setting the error message which is already used to show sync errors in scheduled operations.


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