Beats Studio Red Sox Headphones Ended Up Beng Disappointed beats Studio Red Sox Headphones.After deciding that I ddn't have th coin t drop n th full version of th brand of , I purchased wht I assumed wuld be quality product. I ended up beng disappointed, as I (unfortunately) ended u owning 2 separate pairs f Solos over period of bout 9 months. Both times, th headset broke in th exact am spot alng the hinge, on the rght side. I wasn't bng careless wth them at th time, ut putting th headset n (in both instances). I alo hd ne pair with a loose left ear-cup, which hd t b screwed back on frm time to time, whih was minor inconvenience. The good/bad news but all that was: 1) I ddn't buy the geek squad protection plan, o I hd t use th original warranty (bad news); & 2) i did gt th replaced, within a week wth n hassle (good news). So, evn f you hve an problems ou hould be covered b pretty decent customer service department, a long a u'r stll in the warranty period.It wn't all bad, m review wuld imply. Considering m varied musical tastes, I loved the sound tht wa produced, even though it culd b a bit bass heavy t times (although, that wa nthng tht littl EQ-tweaking ouldn't adjust). Plus, throw n th fact that the looked pretty nice, and were pretty comfortable,I figured it would b worth th price I paid Tour Headphones were pretty comfortable.All tht considered, m recommendation i this: If u'v gt the extra cash to drop n the full set of Beats, I suggest that ou purchase th or go with another brand altogether. Otherwise, ou run the risk of dealing with a "good" pair of non-durable, expensive headphones ou jut ma end u replacing.Best I hv vr owned. I listen to music lot durng my drawing classes and I was lookng for great sounding headphone tht looked good nd felt good. These headphones fit ll m requirements.I know people hav had problems wth thse breaking n the folding joint area s I bought the 2 year warranty for them; hwvr I hv not hd a problem with thse feeling flimsy r fragile. I would till be careful wth them though.As fr a music genres I listen to a lot of dffernt types but mnly Hard rock, metal nd screamo. These headphones preform excellent with all types. I've run thm wth opera, country, classical, oldies, classic rock, rock, hard rock, metal, and screamo, and ven straight instrumental, thn ther is hip hop and rap that ths were made for.Diddybeats Headphones on best buy display.Some bands that I used wer Screamo: A Day t remember, Bullet for m Valentine, nd Devil Wears Prada. Hard rock/metal: Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Korn, Godsmack. Classic rock: Foreigner, Queen, Iron Butterfly, Billy Idol. Hip Hop/Rap: Eminem, DMX, Linkin Park, Young Jeezy. Intrumental: Sandstorm, apocalyptica, In Godda Divida, and sm techno.As fr comfort g thes re vr comfortable, I hv super sensitive ears and ned somethng that i can wear for long periods of time. If yur going off on best buy display, ust knw that th hav ben broken n and aren't s tight new ones. I culd nly wear mine fr about 10 min bfor my ears hurt but after i gt used t thm and the broke in I n wear them for hours.I rated price only 4 stars u th ar pretty expensive, I wuld lik to them at arund $150 cause thy put dent in u wallet but other than that Defiantly worth th money.The lst thing. If ou have downloaded songs that aren't frm itunes nd re nt a good f quality yu will notice it. They wll be staticy . buy cheap beats by dre