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OS/2 build (snapshot)

Yesterday, OS/2 (Watcom) build by alex Porollo is published by Vlad Belousov. See Download page.

Posted by Stas Degteff 2007-05-04

New project maintainer

Now Stas Degteff will maintain this project. Please send all your bugreports, comments, etc to him. And Happy New Year!

Posted by ph0enix 2006-12-28

Bad news

Unfortunately, I have no time for noncommercial projects. At this moment I stopping all work on opensource projects. Sorry. Thanks for your assistance.

Posted by ph0enix 2006-07-23

Project updates

- Project migrated to SVN repository. CVS no longer supported.

- Fixed build with gcc 4.1.0.

Posted by ph0enix 2006-06-22

CVS update

Started new cvs branches (stable: 1.12, current: 1.13).

Posted by ph0enix 2005-10-31

RNtrack 1.12 released

After long time new version released. In this version added support for The Brake! mailer, personal fileboxes and domains.
Added overflow-safe string processing functions (taken from OpenBSD source). Improved message size check. Added new action: AddKludge. Added test build for x86_64.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-10-23

Current status

Sorry for a long time inactivity. I am working on commercial project now and have very little free time. I received all messages with bug reports and feature requests and added it to project database. All messages will be reviewed and I try to implement your recommendations.

Now I testing code and planning make next release (1.12) in a next week.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-09-28

Small fix

Fixed broken build with scripts support.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-07-31

Current changes and fixes

Rewritten Watcom makefiles. Now you don't need build smapi manually. Now you can use ENABLE_LOG_PID, ENABLE_SYSLOG_LOG_FORMAT and CONFIG make options. Fixed bug that killed last char in pkt password (only 1.12.x versions have this bug).

Posted by ph0enix 2005-07-30

Current changes

Added new mask flag "+M/-M" (check message size). Removed automatical message size check when MaxMsgSize set.
Fixed crash when @LoopStr defined in Log tempate. Temporary disabled LoopStr inside ScanDir.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-07-27

New feature

Added new action: AddKludge whis adds specified kludge to message. This feature not fully tested yet, so use it with care.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-06-05


Changed cvs version string format. Now project splitted on two branches. Stable 'rntrack-stable' branch will contain only bugfixes and tested features. Current (default) branch will contain all changes.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-04-02

New features

Added The Brake!-style outbound support. Added personal fileboxes support.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-03-22

New features

Added "Immediate" outbound favour. Added "Domain" keyword. Added The Brake!-style filebox support.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-03-21

Fix Solaris/x86 byte order

Fix Solaris/x86 byte order (thanks to Alex V. Bagmanov). This fixes all related probems with attaches, temporary fies and other. Fix available in current cvs branch.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-02-18

RNtrack 1.11 released

RNtrack 1.11 released. It previously known as FTrack 3.1.1-as. This version has more bugfixes and some new features.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-01-30

New feature

Added new config variable: MaxMsgSize which defines maximum size of incoming messages.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-01-21

Some changes

Fixed OADDRSS subfield in JAM-base (thanks to Michael Kostylev, 2:5030/1530).

Now we have own FTSC product code: 16FF.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-01-15

JAM fixed

Write to JAM-base fixed. Try update to latest source.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-01-14

Project name changed

Project name changed to RNtrack. FTrack 3.1.1-as11 will be released as RNtrack 1.11. To get latest source use 'rntrack' cvs module.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-01-14

New feature

Added new perl api function: NewMsg(). See documentation for more info.

Posted by ph0enix 2005-01-01

New feature

Added new config variable: MaxPktSize which defines maximum size of incoming pkt-file. Packet considered as bad if file size is larger than value of this variable.

Posted by ph0enix 2004-12-22

Fix gcc 3.4 compilation error

Fix available at cvs.

Posted by ph0enix 2004-10-18

FTrack 3.1.1-as10 released

Fixed RouteFilebox error. FTrack reported "can't route attached files" if message didn't contain attach.
Fixed CONFIG variable in djgpp and mingw32 makefiles
Now FTrack builds on Solaris 9 (SPARC), MacOS X and NetBSD. Added FreeBSD port and manpage.

        \# Manpage added
Posted by ph0enix 2004-09-26

Current fixes

Fixed byte order on Solaris/SPARC and MacOS X (by mistake little-endian instead of big-endian used).

Posted by ph0enix 2004-08-26

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