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duply 1.10 released

containing some changes wrt. to backends using config env vars. read below. thanks to all contributing parties.

regards.. ede

1.10 (31.7.2015)
- featreq 36: busybox issues - fix awk, grep version detection,
fix grep failure because --color=never switch is unsupported
(thx Thomas Harning Jr. for reporting and helping to debug/fix it)
- bugfix 81: --exclude-globbing-filelist is deprecated since 0.7.03
(thx Joachim Wiedorn, also for maintaining the debian package)
- implemented base-/dirname as bash functions
- featreq 31 " Support for duplicity Azure backend " - ignored a
contributed patch by Scott McKenzie and instead opted for removing almost
all code that deals with special env vars required by backends.
adding and modifying these results in too much overhead so i dropped this
feature. the future alternative for users is to consult the duplicity
manpage and add the needed export definitions to the conf file.
appended a commented example to the template conf below the auth sectio

Posted by ede 2015-08-03

duply 1.5.8 released

added cloudfiles support, hopefully proper enough

..have fun, ede

Posted by ede 2012-10-26

duply released

- new command changelog
- bugfix 3109884: freebsd awk segfaulted on printf '%*', use print again
- bugfix: freebsd awk hangs on 'awk -W version'
- bugfix 3150244: mawk does not know '--version'
- minor help text improvements
- new env vars CMD_PREV,CMD_NEXT replacing CMD env var for scripts


Posted by ede 2011-01-06

duply released

Changes (4.12.2010)
- output awk, python, bash version now in prolog
- shebang uses /usr/bin/env now for freebsd compatibility, bash not in /bin/bash
- new --disable-encryption parameter, to override profile encr settings for one run
- added exclude-if-present setting to conf template
- GPG_PW only needed for signing/symmetric encryption (even though duplicity still needs it see http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/duplicity-talk/2010-11/msg00034.html\)... read more

Posted by ede 2010-12-04

duply 1.5.4 released

- as of 1.5.3 already, new ARCH_DIR config option
- multiple key support
- ftplicity-Feature Requests-2994929: separate encryption and signing key
- key signing of symmetric encryption possible (duplicity patch committed)
- gpg tests disable switch
- gpg tests now previewable and more intelligent

.. have fun, ede

Posted by ede 2010-11-15

duply 1.5.3 released

Mostly bugfixes that piled up to be released. Some minor enhancements. Check out the context aware pre/post scripting.

- bugfix 3056628: improve busybox compatibility, grep did not have -m param
- bugfix 2995408: allow empty password for PGP key
- bugfix 2996459: Duply erroneously escapes '-' symbol in username
- url_encode function is now pythonized
- rsync uses FTP_PASSWORD now if duplicity 0.6.10+ , else issue warning
- feature 3059262: Make pre and post aware of parameters, internal parameters + CMD of pre or post, see usage for details... read more

Posted by ede 2010-11-01

ftplicity 1.5.0 released - now with multibackend support

Ftplicity grows up. You can now use any duplicity supported backend of your choice with ftplicity.


Changes in 1.5.0 (01.07.2009)
- removed ftp limitation, all duplicity backends should work now
- bugfix: date for separator failed on openwrt busybox date, added a
detecting workaround, milliseconds are not available w/ busybox date

Posted by ede 2009-06-30

ftplicity 1.4.2 released

Symmetric encryption is now also supported (see changelog on details). GPG functionality and some more tests are now executed before duplicity is started.

have fun ... ede


new versioning scheme 1.4.2b => 1.4.2, beta b's are replaced by a patch count number e.g. will be assigned to the first bug fixing version and to the second and so on
also the releases will now have a release date... read more

Posted by ede 2009-04-22

ftplicity 1.4.1b released

The new version adds the command status and a preview option, to review the generated duplicity command line. This is meant for bug fixing and helpful if the exact duplicity call is requested eg. on the mailing list. Be aware that this might include confidential information like passwords that you might want to blank before publishing.

The changes in detail:

ftplicity 1.4.1b
- introduce status (duplicity collection-status) command
- pre/post script output printed always now, not only on errors
- new config parameter GPG_OPTS to pass gpg options
added examples & comments to profile template conf
- reworked separator times, added duration display
- added --preview switch, to preview generated command lines
- disabled MAX_AGE, MAX_FULL_BACKUPS, VERBOSITY in generated
profiles because they have reasonable defaults now if not set... read more

Posted by ede 2008-11-02

ftplicity 1.4b released

This is a new milestone in the history of ftplicity. The 2 highlights are the brand new batch mode and the purge-full command. Check out the changelog for more informations.


ftplicity 1.4b
- added startup info on version, time, selected profile
- added time output to separation lines
- introduced: command purge-full implements duplicity's remove-all-but-n-full functionality (patch by unknown), uses config variable $MAX_FULL_BACKUPS (default = 1)
- purge config var $MAX_AGE defaults to 1M (month) now
- command full does not execute pre/post anymore use batch command pre_full_post if needed
- introduced batch mode cmd1_cmd2_etc (in turn removed the bvp command)
- unknown/undefined command issues a warning/error now
- bugfix: version check works with 0.4.2 and older now

Posted by ede 2008-06-05

ftplicity 1.3b released

An overall improved ftplicity version 1.3 beta is now available on the sourceforge project page.
ftplicity is a console frontend to duplicity which aims to simplify its usage for encrypted backups on non-trusted ftp servers.

Comments, Bugreports can for now be sent directly to edso@users.sourceforge.net .


The profiles from all previous versions are not compatible anymore. Also the command syntax changed due to the multiprofile functionality. To migrate from an earlier version you should:
a) create a new profile 'ftplicity <name> create' (name is a profile name you choose)
b) edit the new profile's conf file (copy key and ftp options from old conf, check the new duplicity options)
c) modify your cron entries (e.g. ftplicity backup -> ftplicity <name> backup)... read more

Posted by ede 2008-03-18

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