#31 Problems 'ls'ing subdirectories


I just compiled and installed the ftpfs module on my
system, and it works great except for one problem.
I'll illustrate with an example and then explain:

# cd /mnt
# ftpmount localhost tmp
# cd tmp
# ls
[... list of files ...]
# ls subdir
[... list of files in subdir ...]
# cd subdir
# ls
ls: .: stale NFS file handle <=
Here's the part that breaks
# ls `pwd`
[... list of files ...]
# ls -l file.dat
-r--r--r-- 0 root root 352 May 29 11:59
# cat file.dat
[... contents of file.dat ...[

Basically, I can mount a remote host, cd into it, and
list files in it. I can also list and access files in
subdirectories on the site, access files and
subdirectories by name, and read from files. But if I
change my working directory to be a subdirectory on the
remote site and try to ls with no arguments, I get the
error "ls: .: stale NFS file handle".

Also, tab completion on filenames in subdirectories
doesn't work, which I suspect is related to the same
underlying issue.

Relevant specs:
Gentoo Linux 1.1a (probably more 1.2 at this point)
Linux Kernel 2.4.19-gentoo-r5 (this kernel has been
patched pretty heavily by Gentoo. I'd be happy to
provide details.)

This bug appears in filesystems that are both mounted
by hand and automounted.

This module is incredible, though. thanks for it!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I see the same behavior with ftpfs-0.6.2-k2.4.tar.gz on Red
    Hat 7.3 (kernel-2.4.18-5 package).

  • Dennis Lambe Jr.

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    Since I posted this bug report, I've switched to a
    vanilla-2.4.18+acpi+ide, and I'm not seeing the bug anymore.

    I know that the Gentoo kernel that I was using included the
    latest -ac patch, and I wouldn't be surprised if RH7.3 was
    applying a recent -ac patch, as well (that's what they're
    paying AC for, afterall). I'm just guessing, of course,
    but that might be a good place to start looking for this
    incompatability. As always, Gentoo offers a list of their
    applied patches, and I'd be happy to send a copy of that
    list on request.

    Does RH have a similar list? a comparison of the
    gentoo-1.1a and RH-7.3 patch lists might expedite this bug hunt.

  • marek nixon

    marek nixon - 2002-09-22

    Logged In: YES

    i have the same problem !

  • Dennis Lambe Jr.

    Logged In: YES

    Here's more info. now I'm on a Debian system running a
    vanilla 2.4.19, and I'm getting the same issues again. it
    looks like something that Alan Cox's patchset for 2.4.18
    had, and that Red Hat was using, has been merged into
    2.4.19. whatever it is, it's causing this "stale NFS file
    handle" error.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have the same problem ....

    Could you tell me How can I do.....


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