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FSP 2.8.1 Beta 27 released

New version released. Fixed build on FreeBSD 9 and newer due to utmpx.h, fixed few bugs discovered by Clang, docbook documentation is now valid SGML document, SCons check for CC supported compiler flags fixed.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2014-09-09

FSP Proxy 0.8 released

FSP Proxy 0.8 released. This version comes with Maven 2 packaging, updated readme and minor code cleanups. It is now packaged as autostartable jar for easier use.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-10-30


Beta 26 fixed all known b25 regressions and it is now recommended FSP version for use in production.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-10-30

FSP B25 problems

There are numerous problems with Beta25. Worst is that clients segfaults on newer linux systems. Expect Beta 26 version soon.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-09-14

FSP 2.8.1 Beta 25

After more than 4 years, new beta version is out. Default packet size increased to make transfers about 30% faster, Gnu autotools replaced by SCons, command line options in fspd overrides configuration file, frmdir command fixed and fsetup command added to merged client which now prints short usage info.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-09-11


This version fixed SCons building script. Library now builds under correct library name libfsplib.a

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-06-13

CVS to Bazaar migration

We migrated from old CVS to modern distributed version control system - Bazaar.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2009-06-11

FSPLIB - 3 possible buffer overflows fixed

In FSPLIB 0.9 3 possible buffer were fixed. String data sent by server are now checked for \0 terminators before use.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2007-07-23

FSPLIB - security bugfix

This version fixes security problem https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=150399

Posted by Radim Kolar 2006-02-20

Beta24 - Important bugfix version

beta 24 is important bugfix version. Everybody should upgrade to it.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2005-02-23

fspd beta23 buggy

do not use large packets. set packetsize to 1024.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2005-02-14

large packets!

Latest FSP technology - Large packets is now included in
FSP win32 lamer pack and FSP client.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2005-01-06

FSPLIB 0.2 - now works!


Posted by Radim Kolar 2005-01-03

C FSP stack

FSPLIB - FSP stack implemented as C library released.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2004-12-30

win 32 binaries!

most requested feature from users - win32 binaries are finally there.
Special version of fspd is included for easier operation.
Lamer guide to fsp also...

Posted by Radim Kolar 2004-10-26

FSP to HTTP protocol translator

Well, I have coded FSP to HTTP/1.0 protocol translation proxy for
use in web browsers. Configure it as proxy for gopher:// protocol.
Software needs jfsplib.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2003-12-31

Java library for FSP protocol available

We have Java library for supporting FSP protocol in your application.
Download Machine uses this library for its FSP support.

Posted by Radim Kolar 2003-11-25

we are back

we are back to sourceforge!

Posted by Radim Kolar 2003-11-05

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