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FSIT has been released

FSIT alpha fixes many errors including the Vista and XP install issues, the database creation bug, autoexec.cfg bind bugs, MG and TJW differences causing other bugs, errors in the alias.php causing issues.

Posted by David Price 2009-09-05

FSIT is now released

Some significant changes, the installation routine has been updated to hopefully deal with the pesky Vista issues and changes to the tremstart.bat and fsit_setup.php were needed. Also some bug fixes to alias.php in the webui.

It might be a good thing for everyone who's installed fsit to save the config files as a backup and delete everything to start from scratch. Though it's not really necessary if you have a working installation.... read more

Posted by David Price 2009-08-26

FSIT Version alpha is released

Trying to handle users who don't have write access to c:\wamp\www this install will write the webui component to the "My Document\My Webspace\" directory. In addition I have turned off the upgrade checking so that any and every file is re-installed each time you run the installation. This will stay this way till most of the bugs are sorted out.

Posted by David Price 2009-08-23

FSIT for Mac Instructions are underway

Danmal has started instructions on the MAC installation. Please download it from the SVN. Keep in mind though that the SVN version is set up to be installed on you computer using InstallJammer so there will be come config files to edit.

Posted by David Price 2009-08-18

FSIT Comming Soon

I have one more script to write for InstallJammer and I will release FSIT for Windows. This should happen later today, or tomorrow morning.

Posted by David Price 2009-08-13

FSIT goes to Sourceforge

After a couple of years on FisherP's computer it has come time to get it more open to the Tremulous community. It was always intended for a wider usage and it's hoped that it will help in some way improve the Game's community, even if it's marginal.

Posted by David Price 2009-05-05

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