#90 ValueError: math domain error


When I try to enter gameplay (e.g. select Tutorial), the game crashes with this message in the log.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "GameEngine.pyo", line 355, in run
File "GameEngine.pyo", line 347, in main
File "View.pyo", line 183, in render
File "GuitarScene.pyo", line 353, in render
File "Scene.pyo", line 158, in render
File "GuitarScene.pyo", line 225, in render3D
File "Stage.pyo", line 343, in render
File "Stage.pyo", line 325, in _renderLayers
File "Stage.pyo", line 73, in render
File "Stage.pyo", line 211, in apply
ValueError: math domain error

This is from the package FretsOnFire-1.3.110-win32.zip.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Same problem on windows XP.
    I tried the installer and stand-alone.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Running Windows XP. Same problem. I also noticed that the title graphics (like the guy with the keyboard, background texture etc) are not rendered. Basically the background is just plain red instead of textures. All the menu text are fine.

    When previewing a song, the cassette icon blinks as it tries to play the song. The song plays successfully though. When selecting, it went to 'Tuning guitar...' before it crashes with that error logged in the file.

    I use GeForce 6200LE and the latest driver from nVidia as of this writing.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Same thing, GeForce 6200a 1.6Ghz Athlon XP 2GB ram, Vista Home Premium


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