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Freshet v2a08 release

Lots of small bug fixes in this release. The biggest deal is the ability to go into the config screen and rescan (seek) the MP3 directories (folders) for MP3s that you've added since originally building the database.
Also, the buttons' images have been removed because, apparently, they're confusing! If you have a set of icons or would like to contribute your design skills to make intuitive icons for Freshet please contact me!

Posted by Jason Gabler 2007-11-08

Freshet 2.0a01 released

Well, v2.0 is finally read for some public testing. Though this is 2.0a01 (meaning its alpha), its only not beta because its missing some feature. But functionally, it should be doing well. Please report bugs on the project discussion forums.

See the website for some documentation.

Posted by Jason Gabler 2007-09-22

Freshet2 codebase in SVN!

OK, finally! My daughter can sit up and almost walk and all that so I now have a free hand for coding! The hibernate+spring+struts code base is in SourceForge SVN. Its got all of stuff needed for a better Freshet. The browsing code is in. I have to finish the queuing actions. After that, a second go at the UI. Any UI suggestions? Drop me a line...

Posted by Jason Gabler 2007-08-13

Freshet production delay -taking a step back

Freshet will be taking a new-release hiatus because of a change in direction. Originally, Freshet was my Let's-Try-Spring project. I like Spring for somethings, but honestly, not for straight web app dev. So I'm rehauling it for Struts. This will take a while, but it should made things a bit more solid - not because Struts is more solid but because I'm more familiar with it. ETA? Ugh, I dunno. Let's say 1/1/2007?... read more

Posted by Jason Gabler 2006-10-26

Beta156 release, bug fixes

This fixes a few bugs from the first Beta release (155).

1) The mini buttons in the queue (to move songs up/down/delete, etc) stopped working - fixed.

2) Login portion of UI would always ask for login, even if logged in and not show current Freshet version - fixed.

Posted by Jason Gabler 2006-08-07

Finally BETA!

Hey, finally out of Alpha level Beta!

Bit rate conversion is in! Tag editing is in! Configuration screen is much more explanatory, as are the release nots... ok not so much the release notes (but better ;)

Posted by Jason Gabler 2006-08-06

Alpha123 released

Folks who are downloading, I'd love to get some feedback. The latest release fixes many bugs that were caused by the way the databased registered music files. The Web UI should be much more solid now, and all the non-English characters should display just fine.

Posted by Jason Gabler 2006-07-10

pre-alpha98 Released

FWIW, the number at the end of "pre-alpha" is our Subversion (source control) revision number. See the release notes for more info of what makes this release different from 93. See the home page for what's next

Posted by Jason Gabler 2006-05-15

SourceForce user mdl_kid joins the Freshet development team

mdl_kid has joines the Freshet development team. mdl_kid will, for the time being, working on the UI with better JSP presentation.

Posted by Jason Gabler 2006-04-28

Having issues with Freshet? Please report it in the forums!

Please do not give up on Freshet so quickly, after all, it is only pre-alpha software! _Please_ report issues in the forums. Also, see the home page for a release schedule.

Posted by Jason Gabler 2006-04-28