#218 FreeWRL crash


FreeWRL reliably crashes on this file: http://network.speleogenesis.info/directory/exploration/KRUBERA_2009.wrl (cave model). tested on Ubuntu Lucid 64-bit and OSX Snow Leopard.


  • Ian Stakenvicius

    It seems that the 'Separator { }' wrapper node is required by the standard, and so without it this model is out of spec:

    "After the required header, a VRML file contains exactly one VRML node. That node may of course be a group node, containing any number of other nodes."
    -- http://www.web3d.org/x3d/specifications/vrml/VRML1.0/

  • Ian Stakenvicius

    fixed in CVS, and a patch against freewrl-1.22.8 is attached.
    - freewrl no longer crashes on the original KRUBERA_2009.wrl file
    - freewrl properly renders a corrected version of the file, that has its contents wrapped with 'Separator {' and '}' in order to be compliant with VRML1.

  • Ian Stakenvicius

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • John Stewart

    John Stewart - 2010-07-22

    Alexandre - If you can install files in /usr/local/lib on your computer (need a terminal access and "su" privs) I can give you libraries that should run your file.

    Either that, or once I'm back at the office after SIGGRAPH I can generate a test package.

    Thanks - John A. Stewart - alex.stewart at crc.ca


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