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C'mon and fly around

I'm not totally sure why you'd want to, but you can now give freev in its current state a spin. There is no gameplay to speak of for now; you are invited, however, to fly around in an infinite expanse of crudely rendered stars.

[]Download freev p0.1[/url] and experience the finest computer gaming experience of your life. Press the F key to toggle full-screen mode, but hold onto your socks.

Posted by Adrian Sampson 2006-05-07


It has been some time. Imagine my surprise at reading the changelogs and seeing "three years ago" next to some most recent commits. Fantastic!

I've gotten restless for a project (with no good reason — things are busy enough), so I've rewritten freev from scratch to use a new framework I'm writing in parallel called FVSprites. FVSprites provides an abstracted Cocoa interface for drawing simple 2D animations with OpenGL. Imagine the potential! Imagine the ridiculous sysreqs for a 2D game!... read more

Posted by Adrian Sampson 2006-04-24


The drawing engine is now much more complete, but it is still just a drawing engine. On my TiBook/800, I consistently get framerates of 100 fps or more (that is, of course, with only two ships and a planet). Model structure is now complete enough to begin more gameplay-oriented features. Please check out the latest via []anonymous CVS[/url].

Posted by Adrian Sampson 2003-04-26

The road ahead?

Just a short note on what we'll most probably end up doing and in what order.

freev is currently designated Pre-Alpha (p). It will most likely remain that way until we have all the basic, non-networked features implemented to our satisfaction (ie, much like Ambrosia's EV, but with no content like storylines, meaningful systems, etc).

At this point Alpha (a) stage will commence. We'll stay Alpha until we're major-feature-complete. Basically, that means the MMORPG elements will be in place.... read more

Posted by Adrian Sampson 2003-04-08

Ambrosia forums post

I've []posted[/url] some random details at the Ambrosia EV Banter & Brawl forum. People had been asking about freev; and I answered a few questions/concerns.

Posted by Adrian Sampson 2003-04-08

Web site, CVS, help wanted

Here's a web site. It's very simple, but it's there. Don't knock it; maybe it'll get more complex (ie, finished) later.

Also, the CVS repository here at SourceForge has the latest version of the code I've written so far. It currently is a graphics engine for flying (and should be relatively fast). This is currently the only way to get freev. Get the source by using anonymous pserver acces to read more

Posted by Adrian Sampson 2003-04-08