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FREESCO v0.4.4 released

Quite a number of bug fixes in this release along with a new CD iso image and a lot of new features like full virtual network support.

Posted by Lewis Baughman 2012-02-05

FREESCO v0.4.2 released

This version should repair most of the various minor bugs in the new 04x series. There is now a Spanish language pack for FREESCO v0.4.2 included in the file thanks to René Guzman (Hitio) and I hope that others will follow his example and create other language translations for 0.4.x series.

Posted by Lewis Baughman 2009-03-14

FREESCO v0.4.1 released

There are mostly bug fixes and and some enhancements to the new 0.4.x series in v0.4.1. The major system changes from the 03x series are now stabilized. The new multilingual system is quite a step forward with lots of new feature as well.

Posted by Lewis Baughman 2009-01-31

V0.4.0 released

There have been a lot of changes to the next generation of FREESCO. The most significant changes are multilingual support, single file add on packages, command line package browser, and limited USB boot support. There are also lots of other new new features and enhancements.

Posted by Lewis Baughman 2008-11-27

New release

FREESCO v0.3.8 has just been released. This new release is packed with lots of new features and capabilities.

Posted by Lewis Baughman 2007-12-08