#146 Multiplayer Crash (kind of...)

Geoff Topping

I started a multiplayer game running the server and
client on the same machine (client connecting to game
at I played for about 25 turns, moving the
home fleets around and building a new Mark I for one
player which was used to attack the other player's
fleet and take the other player's home planet. This
all went fine, but about 15 turns into the game, I got
an error message, as seen here:


I believe this error was due to the server, not the
client, though I'm not completely sure. There are no
other error messages, and nothing in the logger output.
Regardless, if I just ignored the error message, which
I did, I could just keep playing as if it wasn't there,
which I did for another 10 turns or so.

After ignoring it for a while, I clicked the X to close
the error message window, at which point the server
crashed, and the client got a "server connection lost"
message and a "server sent and end game message. buh
bye" message.


  • Geoff Topping
    Geoff Topping

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    I have now had this occur in a single player game as well.
    That turn, I had a space combat form which an AI player
    retreated, and I finished researching a tech which unlocked
    a building. The game continued to run normally until I
    clicked "OK" on the error message window, at which point the
    game window closed. There was no relevant debug output.

  • Geoff Topping
    Geoff Topping

    Logged In: YES

    This has again happened in a single player game on the turn
    I built a building. In the multiplayer game, I only ever
    built a ship... so I started a new multiplayer game, and
    built a ship with one player, but go no error. I then
    researched and built a building, with no error.

    Not sure what's causing this...

  • Zach Laine
    Zach Laine

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    This has happened twice more, in the same long game. Once
    was on a turn I finished a building, another was a turn I
    researched tech(s). Reloading an autosave from a few turns
    previous and replaying did not duplicate the error, however...

  • Zach Laine
    Zach Laine

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