#676 FreeNAS 0.7RC1 hangs when choosing a interface

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I just tried the 0.7RC1 LiveCD on a PentiumIII whith a 3com 10/100MBit LAN Card. The System starts normal, but when I type number "1" to choose the interface the system prompted "Killed". When I then type "1" again, the system hangs.
I have no problem running the system with 0.69.2 Live CD.
The System has 32 MByte RAM. Yes, a very small system, but it just needs 60 Watt power with one 1TByte SATA-II Drive


  • Volker

    Volker - 2009-09-16

    32MB and you got it running? This is strange. I think your problems come from there because FreeNAS needs a little bit more RAM.

  • jLongo

    jLongo - 2009-10-02

    Could be related to the card driver.
    I have the same problem with a RTL8139B.
    Strange issue however :
    I had by mistake set my fsb to 133Mhz, which prevented my 8139D from getting a dhcp lease. I plugged the 8139B, and network went fine.
    I had plenty of HD corruption, and corrected the fsb. No more problem, but as soon as I plug the network cable, the 8139B try to get a dhcp lease, and hang the computer.
    I plugged the 8139D back, and this one works perfectly.
    Sounds like a timing issue in the driver ?

  • Ashley Chapman

    Ashley Chapman - 2010-01-21

    I'm getting the same issue.

    I'm testing the live CD on a Compaq ENS celeron 466 with 128Mb or RAM. This box has an onboard E100 net device, and nothing much else of note. I get a "Killed" message instead of the net interface message - just above the main menu.

    On the same box, I've tried 0.69.4276, and that works fine. I get excellent performance (Thanks guys for your hard work)

    The hardware is available for me to do any diagnostics that might help to fix this issue.


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