#614 Rebuild on boot problem


Hello I trying latest build. And my system consist of 4 Seagate barracuda 320GB disk.
I created software RAID 5 from them, but after shutdown or restart configuration of raid broke to just 2 disks and then nothing helps than completelly remove Disks, RAID, mount and set up it completely again. After that system try to resync for 5 hours and during that all data previously written are accessible and even after reinitialization keep on raid volume which is good. But re-sync a and re-setup on every boot is such pain.

In the attachment is my system log.

Any ideas what is wrong ?


  • Vojtech Ruml

    Vojtech Ruml - 2009-07-11

    System Log

  • Dan Merschi

    Dan Merschi - 2009-07-13

    Try to provide more information about your hardware controllers. I feel that you have a Silicon Image SATA controller, if yes please search the forum for solutions/workaround.


  • Vojtech Ruml

    Vojtech Ruml - 2009-07-20

    Yes, I have SIL 3114 SATA RAID controller. After several days of trying i give up to build my NAS server with free nas and returned to windows.

  • Dieter Egert

    Dieter Egert - 2009-09-28

    I got the same problem, also with the SIL 3114 SATA RAID controller used with 3 x 500GB discs and FreeNAS software-RAID5. I tried to prepare the RAID5 before reboot, but it didn't help (umount, RAID5-Tools: stop, clear, remove).



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