#59 Errors on IDE/ATA-harddrives in UDMA133/ATA133 mode


I have a VIA EPIA motherboard which supports
UDMA133/ATA133, and a 250GB IDE/ATA-harddrive (plus
cable) which also supports UDMA133/ATA133. I boot to a
32MB FlashDisk where I have FreeNAS 0.64 and that part
is fine. As soon as I try to copy something to the
IDE/ATA-harddrive (same goes with SAMBA and FTP) I get
these errors constantly and copying goes extremmly
slow and eventually fails:

Timeout - Write_DMA retrying"

eventually followed by

"Failure - Write_DMA timed out LBA=12063"

The errors refers to the 250GB IDE/ATA-harddrive. I
have tried different cables with no change. If I
connect an older (UDMA33) hard drive to the PCI card I
don't get the errors.

My workaround is to use to the command shell and
/sbin/atacontrol mode ad2 udma100
Where ad2 is the IDE/ATA-harddrive ID, setting to
udma33/udma66 works too. However, this setting is not
permanent, so after a reboot of FreeNAS the drive is
back to UDMA133 mode and I get the errors again

Can we please get a permanent workaround/solution of
making the atacontrol mode command permanent or having
this command executed automatically on boot
(preferably having the setting in the Web-GUI). Maybe
even disable udma133 completly until that mode is
fixed in FreeNAS, or at least disable it by default so
you get udma100 instead and have to set it to udma133
manualy if you want to use/test it.

By the way, I get now errors on SCSI nor USB connected

PS! This is also discussed in the FreeNAS forum;

PPS! Thanks for a great piece of software, love it's
user-friendly Web-GUI (super for all us non-unix fans)


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    In the next release it will be possible to select the UDMA
    mode for ATA hard drive.

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    Cool, in the WebGUI?. But what will be the default?
    Suggest you set UDMA100 default for UDMA133 drives.

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    Please make UDMA100 default or auto-enable it if get these
    LBA errors are detected.

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