#519 Add the latest CVS of Netatalk that includes FPSyncFork


I have recently contacted the Netatalk developers mailing list requesting they add support for the FPSyncForc command in order to finally achieve 100% TimeMachine compatibility.

You can see the exchange here :


Frank Lahm took the original patch for FPSyncFork from Bolke de Bruin and committed it to the Netatalk CVS as can be seen here :


I make this request as a bug report and not as a feature request as i consider this a bug in Netatalk and not as a new feature.

Volker, can you add this new revision of Netatalk that includes FPSyncFork support to one of your next nightly builds and i will test it to see if TimeMachine will finally complete the initial sparsebundle creation on the AFP volume on FreeNAS. This is pretty much untested right now but the patch looks good and i'm eager to get TimeMachine working on FreeNAS :)

Thanks alot for your help on this,



  • Volker

    Volker - 2009-03-01


    if there is an ready to use package for download i can do that, but the build scripts does not support getting sources via CVS/SVN. I saw that there is an beta 2.0.4 but it is from december, so i assume that it does not include the features you're waiting for.


  • adisor19

    adisor19 - 2009-03-01

    Hi Volker,

    You're right, the beta from last December does not include the changes in question. They only added support for FPSyncFork a few days ago but it is needed in order to finally get TimeMachine backups to work on FreeNAS. I'll keep an eye on the Netatalk mailing list to see when the next beta will come out as hopefully it will include these latest changes. It would be awesome however if you could pull out the code from CVS and build a special test build of FreeNAS just to test out whether TimeMachine will finally work..

    Thanks again for all you work on this project,


  • Jason Barr

    Jason Barr - 2009-06-07


    the netatalk update resulted in a strange behaviour - see BR 2802531

    However: why not create the TimeMachine Bundle locally on the hard drive, then transfering it to the share?




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