#368 iSCSI Target can't be enabled


Hello, I am trying to use iSCSI Target on FreeNAS but it seems it does not work properly in recent Alpha versions (embedded). Now I am running 0.69 (revision 3210) built on Wed Apr 30 18:14:36 CEST 2008 (firmware upgraded from 3116 .iso through couple recent .img revisions) The "Enable" checkbox does not remain checked at all. Despite the fact the service is running and the box can be connected at port 3260, I don't see any Target from Initiator. The Target looks configured properly in FreeNAS. At client's side I saw the Target just one time. I was able to log on it and everything was working fine but when I disconnected and tried to log on from another client, the Target was lost and I was not able to get it back again anymore. The Initiator can see other iSCSI Targets on another machine (powered by StarWind service) properly. I tried to reconfigure the iSCSI options from scratch but nothing helped... I don't understand, why the iSCSI configuration page is changed when I edit the Target (Edit Target - Save - Apply changes [Enable checkbox unchecked] --> iSCSI2.jpg). The same happen when I click Save and Restart button with Enable checkbox unchecked. The change back can be made by checking Extent checkbox + clicking the Save and Restart button (--> iSCSI1.jpg). I don't know what should be the correct behaviour. Thanks a lot for the feedback. :-)


  • SwTester

    SwTester - 2008-05-01

    iSCSI Target configuration pages

  • Volker

    Volker - 2008-05-02

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    display bug in MSIE has been fixed. See svn change log : http://freenas.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/freenas?view=rev&revision=3221

    Your other problem is not reproductible, but i noticed a invalid network configuration for your iSCSI target: It must be the IP range that is allowed to access the target, e.g.


  • SwTester

    SwTester - 2008-05-05

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    Hi Volker, thanks a lot for fixing up the display bug & explanation. Yeah, the wrong network configuration was my stupid fault. I am sorry for that mistake. I tried to grant the target access to any host IP address (but can't be set so it seems impossible).


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