#320 WD5000AAKS standby Issue


On version .686 stable when you set a hard disk standby time for a WD5000AAKS drive freenas either freezes reading that drive or goes into a constant reboot cycle.

The drive works correctly only when Always On is selected.


  • stefan4712

    stefan4712 - 2008-04-28

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    I think this is a serious bug of FreeNAS which prevents me from using it!

    Please higher prioritize this!

    My goal is to have a FreeNAS in a home server environment.
    I dont want to waste energy and want to extend the life time of my disks.
    Without being able to spin the disks down this is not achievable.

    I am running the latest beta from the 0.69 version.

    I have also two WDxxxKS connected via a SATA and observe the same behaviour.
    SMART works, disabling SMART does not change the picture.

    Any standby time others than "disabled" causes immediately spinning down the disk and they never come back.

    Instead a lot of DMA write errors as documented by markab.


  • Ram Chillarege

    Ram Chillarege - 2008-05-29

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    I believe I am seeing this issue too, with some additional complexity.
    1. With the WD disks, if you change power or standby time, then the system hangs, and one needs to reboot - and pull back the configuration.
    2. I just added another new WD500 sata disk and, now it is in continuous reboot, crashing soon after one enters the admin page.

    Would greatly appreciate someone looking into this, since it is a critial failure.



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