#201 DHCP - DNS Server Bug


When used with a Zoom X5 router as the DHCP server, FreeNAS is allocated a suitable IP address (e.g., but does not find the correct IP address for the DNS server (default

Looking at the log file of errors (see attached), FreeNAS is trying to send something to IP address which does not exist.

Because the FreeNAS computer name is not sent to the DNS Server, it does not appear in the 'Computers Near Me' window of WinXP, 2K, or 98SE.
Also, it does not appear in the 'Windows Shares' of Ubuntu Linux 6.06.

Note that it is possible to find the FreeNAS device by typing the DHCP allocated IP address into the Windows Run command, but this relies on knowing the IP address which can change (e.g. after a shut-down). Also, using this method produces unusual results in Windows Explorer, with the FreeNAS drives in the right-hand window, but not in the computers / drives / directories tree in the left-hand window!

If FreeNAS is changed from using the DHCP server to having a fixed IP address (e.g. and the gateway is set to, FreeNAS works correctly and appears in the network shares of Windows and Ubuntu.

For correct operation, FreeNAS should find the DHCP Server, the Gateway, and the DNS Server at

Note that the Zoom X5 router works correctly with other linux computers, including a Samba server with Ubuntu 5.10. Hence, this bug must be in FreeNAS or BSD linux.


  • BrianF

    BrianF - 2007-05-24

    Log File of Errors from FreeNAS

  • Volker

    Volker - 2007-05-24

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    can you please test one of the latest nightly builds (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=151951&package_id=229704). In 0.684b the default gateway delivered by dhcp was deleted, this has been fixed in 0.685b.

    Please give me feedback.


  • BrianF

    BrianF - 2007-05-27

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    Hello Volker,

    I have downloaded and tried the updated version 0.685b (nb20070524), but it does not solve this bug.
    The errors are exactly the same as the previously attached file, with failed network calls from FreeNAS to

    I still think that this FreeNAS bug is related to the IP address of the DNS Server (not just the default gateway).
    It is likely to be something different in the code between the DNS Server address when the FreeNAS IP address is set manually (which works correctly without errors) and the FreeNAS response to the answers from the DHCP server (which does not work and gives the errors).

    Regards, Brian.

  • Volker

    Volker - 2007-09-27

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    Should be fixed in latest versions.


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