#118 adding sata disks which are based on ata133


The problem i have is very similar to bug
1461138 ]
Errors on IDE/ATA-harddrives in
UDMA133/ATA133 mode[/url] in which the starter said he
could not add ATA133 disks in freenas 0.64 but he
could add ATA100 disks. I think my problem is caused
by a bug, that's why i'm opening a new bug-topic here.

One of the reactions in the previous mentioned bug-
topic said that it would be possible in a new version
of Freenas to select which ata you'd like to use and
indeed that is possible in 0.671, but only with disks
that are shown in the webgui and thats where my
problem is situated.

The problem i'm having though is that i can't add a
numberof sata disks to my freenas server.

First the current setup of my Freenas server is this:

freenas 0.671 is installed on a Kingston USB drive and
works fine. A Western Digital 320GB sata drive
(WD3200JS, i think sata300) was connected when
installing freenas and has been set up and is shared
with CIFS. Works fine here.

Now i wanted to ad a second sata disk, in this case a
Maxtor 160GB sata disk (DiamondMax 10, sata150) but
although the BIOS sees it very nicely, Freenas never
gives me the option to add it under Disks ->
management. The management only shows the kingston USB
disk and the WD satadisk.

So then i connected a Seagate 80GB sata disk
(Barracuda 7200.7, sata150) but again: it doesn't show
up in the Freenas webgui but it does in the BIOS.

Lastly i connected a Western Digital 80GB ATA drive
(WD800) and yes: Freenas sees it and i can add it and
so on.

Now i read the afore mentioned bug-topic as far as i
know ATA133 has never been made an official standard
and though Maxtor and Seagate implemented it, Western
Digital did (as far as i know) not. However i'm not
entirely sure how the newest sata disk internally
handle themselves and whether they still have a
ATA100/133 difference. The first satadisk were ATA100
or ATA133 disk bridged to a sata connector, but the
newest disks or specifically my mentioned disks?

I dont know whether it is because because of ATA100 vs
ATA133 vs SATA150 or even SATA300 or whether the
prblem is tha you can't ADD a serial ata disk but you
can add a parallel ata disk since my first WD sata
disk recognised was allready connected when i
installed freenas. I can't reinstall Freenas right now
so i can't check whether a reinstall of Freenas with
all the disks connected solves the problem...

Anyway: something is wrong with adding new disks to
Freenas. Knowing wether it is a sata vs pata problem
or a ATA100 vs ATA133 problem would solve the problem
on the short term since we can buy other disks to add
to our Freenas server. A bug fix -if needed- would be
better offcourse in a new version.


  • Makje

    Makje - 2006-08-19

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    darn, couldn't check if the url would work in this way,
    well clearly not. the bug-topic i referred to was posted on
    2006-03-29, has request ID 1461138 and title: Errors on
    IDE/ATA-harddrives in UDMA133/ATA133 mode

  • Rafe

    Rafe - 2006-10-03

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    Not sure if this is relevent - I CANNOT get a working
    instal of FreeNAS on ANY of my Maxtors (all ATA133), either
    direct on IDE cabling, or via SATA connectors.

    I'd try another make, but I don't have one at the moment.
    I will try a usb drive tomorrow (Hitachi).


  • Olivier Cochard-Labbe

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    Can you go on the hidden status.php and post the result here ?

  • SourceForge Robot

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