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FreeMeter code stolen

Thanks to one of the users I've found out that FreeMeter code was stolen... mr. Nir Halowani violated GPL by putting modified version of FreeMeter called Cyber Bandwith Monitor. Not so long ago his modified version was distributed with key logger... Now it is installing Yahoo toolbar without your premission (it is very sad that a comapny like Yahoo! doesn't know that it is doing business with thieves).... read more

Posted by Mieszko Lassota 2008-07-24


- bugfixes
- reversed back to vs2005 sln (at least that's what the SharpDevelop says)

Posted by Mieszko Lassota 2007-11-13


- limits notify
- improved totals log dialog
- fixed some issues with drawing
- added custom scale
- added summary lines
- fixed & refactored some code
- enabled the friendly error form again

Posted by Mieszko Lassota 2007-11-12

FreeMeter v1.4.2710 released!

- moved all settings to xml file for portability
- also moved totals log to xml file
- fixed bug with bad date format

Posted by Mieszko Lassota 2007-06-03

FreeMeter v1.3.2699 released!

- Friendly error form
- Changed the update-check function to work more reliable

Posted by Mieszko Lassota 2007-05-23

FreeMeter v1.3.2463 released!

Brand new Totals Log - enjoy!

other sutff:
- fixed some small issues
- done some refactoring

Posted by Mieszko Lassota 2007-03-27

FreeMeter v1.3.2401 released!

fixes some minor bugs, and adds adjustable font sizes.

Posted by pho 2006-07-29

FreeMeter v1.3.2376 released!

Primarily a patch level release, see changelog for details.

NOTE: New version settings are incompatible with older versions of freemeter.
Instructions to move your old settings to new version here:

Posted by pho 2006-07-04

FreeMeter Home Page Update

I have recently updated the FreeMeter home page, and am attempting to make it multilingual, as i see much of the interest in freemeter is not restricted to english speaking contries. any help anyone would like to provide will be greatly appreciated.

current languages i have complete (but not error free im sure) are:
Brazilian Portuguese
Spanish(Latin America)

and partially complete:
Swedish... read more

Posted by pho 2006-07-01

Developers CVS update

For those who don't know, SF has changed its CVS repository hostname, see below for updated cvs commands. Be advised that the CVS repository contains changes that are not part of the source available from sourceforge site download, or freemeter site download. Anyone interested in contributing to freemeter's codebase should start with the CVS source and not the source zip files from the download locations. ... read more

Posted by pho 2006-06-27

FreeMeter v1.3.2367 released!

this is mainly a bugfix for the problem pointed out
by a user which doesnt update the tooltip if the
notify icon while the desktop graph is hidden. Also
Color pickers are added for background and text,
allowing you to choose any color combo you like.
Also 32 mbit scale has been added to better display heavy wireless-g traffic.

Posted by pho 2006-06-27

FreeMeter v1.3.2365 released!

New version with new UPnP NAT Mapping Utility for those who have a UPnP NAT capable Internet Gateway Device (e.g. DSL modem). Also, more color options, fewer bugs, and some new DU Meter like icons from Miechu, thanks man!

see changelog here or in the zip file for detailed info.

Posted by pho 2006-06-23

Developers CVS

a CVS repository has been created, and should be used as the base source by anyone interested in development. This code should not be concidered a realease, releases will be posted in the files section and the freemeter home page as per usual.

to checkout a copy use the equivalent commands for your client:

cvs login
(enter blank pass)
cvs -z3 co -P FM_CVS... read more

Posted by pho 2006-04-29


its been a few months since any activity, i would just like to say thank you for the downloads and trying out my software, improvements and new features will be added when my time allows it.

Features i wish to work on are improved logging and statistics, a gif or <table> graph maker for the web log, better color options (grayscale would be nice at least).

I have been informed of a bug in the totals log areas that occurs when more than one network interface is installed, and enabled in freemeter. The totals are multiplied by the number of interfaces enabled, and therefore the actual value should be the displayed value divided by the number of interfaces enabled. To avoid this bug, only enable one interface at a time in freemeters menu.... read more

Posted by pho 2006-03-28

FreeMeter v1.3.2173

-Fixes a superficial bug with redrawing the borders of the graph on resize.
-Fixes a problem with the ping utility crashing FM when packet Size > 65500
-Check For Updates on startup will not popup unless one is available, or you ask it.

Posted by pho 2005-12-13

FreeMeter v1.3.2166

-Fixes bug that causes a crash on startup after forced exit while desktop graph is hidden.

Posted by pho 2005-12-07

FreeMeter v1.3.2163

-Caught a couple of I/O exceptions in the email notifier.
-New cumulative logging, last 24 hour graph, save to txt or html file periodically.
-New check for update utility.
-Menu rearranged a little, it was getting too long.

Posted by pho 2005-12-04

FreeMeter v1.2.2157

-Fixes a bug in the color cycling that caused an invalid operation.
-New URL Grabber that opens URLs it sees on the clipboard in your browser.
-readme.txt added to zip files and web site (dont worry, its not a manual).
-Smaller memory footprint (attempts to free some ram every 30 seconds).

Posted by pho 2005-11-27

New version 1.2.2154

-Input Format Exceptions now caught rather than thrown.
-Enabled visual styles for windows XP (didnt like the black form anyway).
-Added support for IMAP email servers.
-New Traceroute Utility, just cant have ping without traceroute.
-Minor bug fixes and asthetic changes.

Posted by pho 2005-11-25

New Release

-Select colors and transparency.
-New Email notifier, up to 5 accounts.
-New Ping Utility, more functional than windows ping, with a GUI.
-Minor bug fixes and asthetic changes.

Posted by pho 2005-11-19

First Release

New beta probably on its way with much added fuctionality (by that i mean bugs of various colors).

Posted by pho 2005-11-19