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FreeLords is a turn-based-strategy game. Explore, occupy, produce armies in cities and kill your enemies.


February 2017: Release 0.0.5 The two main additions are random maps and the implementation of simultaneous movement. Armies do not do anything interesting yet, since battles are not implemented, but they can already block each other as intended.

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Newcomers will probably want to read this page first.

The first approach to code a Java game grew out of hand rather quickly. This was mostly because there was a lot of interdependencies and plain magic within the code. So we decided to start anew and stick to a few rules when coding. These rules are mandatory, so if you plan on coding seriously on the project, get acquainted with them:

  1. Over the years, we have put together a few game concepts, i.e., thoughts of how the game should look like. You might want to read them to get an overall idea.
  2. We use a project management style somewhat similar to extreme programming. This also defines the roles that you can take on as a developer.
  3. For the actual coding, there are a handful of coding rules to follow. Most notably, we use test-driven development, where you start coding by writing a unit test for the new functionality, then implement the bare minimum of code that fulfills the test, then refactor the code.
  4. To track the tasks to do, we use the sourceforge ticket system.
  5. Code is committed to a git repository, with a handful of constraints.
  6. There is a road map for the next handful of releases. There is some release planning before each new release.
  7. Some technical documentation about the Server package directory structure.

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