Anonymous premkumar bhaskal

Version 0.0.4 - December 2014

  • Multiple clients can set and start a new game.
  • client can chat in the game room.
  • UI can display a simple static scenario.

Version 0.0.3 - October 2012

  • added configuration and i18n facilities (not yet used)
  • game data can be loaded from a scenario description and set up properly (i.e., the logic to start a game is done)
  • added server contexts ("rooms") to allow players to perform different actions on the server (among others, playing different games in parallel)
  • added first GUI elements and dialogs

Version 0.0.2 - January 2012

(going back to the normal numbering scheme)

  • implemented client/server functionality for registering and for chatting
  • added basic map objects and the various instances that populate maps (armies, cities, villages, heroes); however, not everything works together yet.
  • added logging
  • added a command-line server and client as a first demo application

New Light Backend, Release 1 - August 2011

  • started to reimplement background libraries
    • abstract file access (finished)
    • sound engine (finished)
    • xml loading (finished)
    • client/server (alpha; the client can initialize a connection)

Tech Release 0.4.2 - May 2011

  • a more general sound architecture (lacking sounds yet)
  • added 64 bit Linux version of SWT
  • added joining of heroes
  • fixed and generalized random map generation; added roads
  • changed configuration loading/saving beackend
  • rewrote AI and reverted this dialog for license reasons
  • various bugfixing

Tech Release 0.4.1 - January 2010

  • Client-server handshake rewrite; fixes several pending bugs
  • server is now more paranoid about client permissions
  • cleaned up lobby dialog a bit
  • player titles are displayed in lobby form
  • chat colorized by player color
  • added guest players that only observe a game, but do not participate
  • variable cursors (again)
  • added a crude overview map
  • replaced some full screen dialogs by simpler layouts
  • fixed some drawing bugs
  • changelog no longer hardcoded, but read from external file
  • centralized some path assumptions
  • upgrade of external libraries
  • almost complete commenting of the code
  • removed some static "global" classes

Tech Release 4 - October 2009

  • multiple images for ruins, cities, and temples
  • capturing and razing of cities
  • added income and upkeep; units desert if you lack money
  • units can be built in cities
  • winning/losing games mostly works again
  • implemented rudimentary battles
  • doubled tile size to 128x64 pixels; new tile graphics
  • updated unit stats to some coherent scheme
  • added debug output and some command line flags
  • switched almost everything to guice (internal framework)
  • more thorough commenting of the code
  • added some unit tests
  • various bugfixes

Tech Release 3 - February 2009

  • added preferences dialog
  • various bug fixes
  • commented more code
  • implemented seamless drawing of tiles
  • implemented item backend and an item dialog
  • gold display on main map
  • implemented crude roads
  • implemented simultaneous movement of all players
  • tons of new graphics, especially unit images


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