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freekiwiki 0,1a

Glorious time came upon us my friends, the very first official almost working version of freekiwiki has been released. I dub this age the 'Time of 0,1a' in the memory of this version of the Freenet Wiki.

Posted by VolodyA! V A 2006-12-22

JAXB and Freenet Plugin API

I've finally got JAXB and Freenet Plugin system to work together, now i need to start actually coding user side plugin for reading pages.

Posted by VolodyA! V A 2006-12-19

Parsing test

Wikitext parser should be working, and so is inserter into the freenet. The code is still quite ugly and the innitial release is still scheduled for around mid December.

Please download and test the jar application. If you don't have a MediaWiki database on your machine then you can just take a look at CHK@aTje2taRuEXZu~FYZiKJO8GTiAKcIXIh4DFlTn7MpDY,nXPWynDzgt~TbZQrVVHi2yvO6~yO72FB1TPANLn-aLs,AAEC--8 which will give you the taste of how the parser works.... read more

Posted by VolodyA! V A 2006-11-14

Requirenments complete

Posted by VolodyA! V A 2006-10-11


I am currently asking for people's contribution to story boarding. Please see 'freekiwiki' (unkeyed) board on Frost for more information and to post feedback.

Posted by VolodyA! V A 2006-10-03

Official approval

Yesterday i got my project supervisor to sign the project proposal document. So it is official, i'm beginning to work on the project not only in my head, but in the real life also.

Posted by VolodyA! V A 2006-10-03

Set-up of SVN

Subversion for the project has been set-up, although currently there is no code for the project you can record the url:

Posted by VolodyA! V A 2006-09-28

Innitial project approval (supervisor)

I have spoken to a lecturer in the university, who has agreed to be my superfisor. He is a very knowledgable and inthusiastic individual, who constantly pushes the boundaries of technology.

He will be one of the two markers of the project... but even better he has agreed to help with the technical aspect of testing the system, if it will be required.

So with this in mind, i am optimistic that by this time next year there will be a perfect (yeah, right) wiki system for Freenet.

Posted by VolodyA! V A 2006-06-23

Gathering user requirenments

OK, you are the users of my project... please tell me about what is it that you want. Please refrain from saying things like "It's impossible" or "I just want a dbr site with the NIMble". Also don't try to be too technical, tell me what you want on the user end, and i'll try to figure out the way how to make it work.

Posted by VolodyA! V A 2006-05-13