#33 Win32 .dll pre-built


I have been using glut for a long time now in my VS
C++, win32 environment. I only learned of freeglut
today, and it seems great! However, there seems to be
no readily available .dll, .lib, and .h file available, as glut
has. This is probably the reason I've never heard of it

I can't afford to download code and HOPE that it will
compile, and tweak environment variables, and config
files to get it to compile, only to have it not link properly
with my application.

Please consider that if you want freeglut to replace glut
in both utility and popularity, you'll have to make it
easily available to us windows users. Even if we
shouldn't be developing in windows, that doesn't change
the fact that we are.

If such .dll, .lib, and .h files ARE available, please
upgrade the link to them so they are easier to find from
the main freeglut.com page.

-Aner Ben-Artzi


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This is a planned feature for OpenGLUT (see
    http://www.OpenGLUT.org/ on the web).

    This request corresponds to OpenGLUT RFE #1017398.

    Speaking as one of the OpenGLUT admins and as someone who
    favors prebuilt packages for WIN32 users, I'd say that this
    has a strong likelyhood of coming about for OpenGLUT. For
    OpenGLUT, the biggest reason to delay is that we are still
    approaching a 1.0 release (though we started from something
    after the freeglut 2.2.0 release and have fixed many bugs).

    For freeglut, which has been in a slow maintenance mode since
    2.2.0, and for which this is also an old request, I'm not
    sure what the holdup is.

    (Ack. I see that I haven't logged in. I'm "rkrolib" on the
    OpenGLUT project, and formerly an active freeglut developer.)

  • Richard Rauch

    Richard Rauch - 2004-10-12

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    OpenGLUT now offers a pre-buit WIN32 set of libraries,
    including a DLL.

    The filename for 0.6.3 is:


    ...unzip and read the "INSTALL" file for directions. Sorry,
    no automated installer at this time.

  • John F. Fay

    John F. Fay - 2005-04-28
    • status: open --> closed
  • John F. Fay

    John F. Fay - 2005-04-28

    Logged In: YES


    I put the request out on the "freeglut" developer's mailing
    list. Let me say that if you are still interested in "freeglut"
    binaries for Win32/MSVC I can e-mail them to you. The
    consensus of the developers was that we would rather not
    get into the business of supporting binaries; simply put, we
    can't afford the extra work. I do plan to put a line into the
    README file to the effect that binaries are available upon
    request on the "freeglut" developer's mailing list or from me.

    - John F. Fay


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