#47 Reshape function not called upon window creation on Linux

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FreeGlut 2.2.0, on Linux (XFree86 4.3.0, Debian unstable), does not
trigger the Reshape callback upon window creation.


  • Laurent Pinchart

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    This only happens when there are no window manager loaded.

  • Richard Rauch

    Richard Rauch - 2004-08-19

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    I fixed this over on OpenGLUT a few days ago. See
    http://www.OpenGLUT.org/ or http://OpenGLUT.SourceForge.net/
    for more information about OpenGLUT.

    The fix is *not* in a released version of OpenGLUT, but
    should be in the next release. (The current release is
    0.6.2 from earlier this month.)

    If you can grab the in-development sources of OpenGLUT and
    test your application with it, I would appreciate it, even
    if you may not at this time be able to commit your project
    to OpenGLUT.

    (OpenGLUT installs as "libopenglut" on UNIX systems, etc., so
    it does *not* interfere with an existing GLUT or freeglut
    installation. You can install both. Right now, it is
    fairly trivial to build against either one, though you
    generally need to *recompile* (not just relink) with OpenGLUT
    in order to use OpenGLUT.)

  • Richard Rauch

    Richard Rauch - 2004-08-26

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    Since only OpenGLUT developers seem to actively follow up
    on freeglut bugs, I have cross-posted several bugs from
    freeglut to OpenGLUT.

    One such bug is this one. I believe it to be fixed on
    OpenGLUT and have marked it "Pending" over there (so it is
    no longer on the list of "Open" bugs). If you can check
    against OpenGLUT's "current" code (from CVS) to verify that
    it is fixed, I would appreciate it, as I could then move the
    bug to "Closed" status.

    I was hoping to have a 0.6.3 OpenGLUT out today or tomorrow,
    but another OpenGLUT developer is fixing some deeper bugs
    that we inherited from freeglut, so we are holding off on a
    new OpenGLUT release while he tackles those. But the fix
    should be in CVS.

    The "Pending" OpenGLUT bug number is 1010635.

  • Richard Rauch

    Richard Rauch - 2004-10-08

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    OpenGLUT 0.6.3 includes a fix for this. The fix was
    available almost 2 months ago, but not in a release.

    I cannot remember that you followed up on this re. OpenGLUT,
    but it appears to be fixed there, and I will mark that bug
    report "closed" now that there is an official release with
    the fix.

    Just FYI.

  • Sven Panne

    Sven Panne - 2005-07-02
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
  • Sven Panne

    Sven Panne - 2005-07-02

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    The reshape callback *is* called with the CVS HEAD, the only
    question is the order of visibility/reshape callbacks, but that's a
    different story (see bug #858587).

  • Takeshi Nishimura

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    > The reshape callback *is* called with the CVS HEAD,

    NO. An additional comment says:
    > This only happens when there are no window manager loaded.

    Please reopen this bug. freeglut should catch MapNotify with
    invoking the reshape callback
    and should not invoke it in fghReshapeWindow() on X11.
    This fix does not affect the behavior in glutEnterGameMode()
    and it solves the following bugs in addition:
    * The reshape callback is invoked twice.
    First invoked with glutReshapeWindow(), second invoked
    in ConfigureNotify.
    * The reshape callback is invoked with wrong (not actual)
    size in special case.
    Some window managers prohibit very small window size.

  • Sven Panne

    Sven Panne - 2005-07-03

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    Could you please give fool-proof recipes including example
    programs to reproduce the problems you metion (reshape not
    called, reshaped called twice, reshape called with wrong size).
    If I can reproduce them, I'll happily reopen the bug(s).

    Just 2 notes: What is the use case of having X11 without a
    WM? It sounds a bit like using a car without wheels... :-)
    Furthermore, GLUT itself does *not* handle MapNotify events,
    so I am not yet convinced freeglut should.


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