#175 WS_POPUP flag changes z-order when using subwindows

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The following line of code is causing problems when going into fullscreen mode with subwindows

src/mswin/fg_window_mswin.c:992 s |= WS_POPUP;

The popup window style causes problems on Windows 7 (haven't tested other platforms).
Specifically, if I have a window with one or more subwindows, this flag seems to cause
the main window to change it's z-order to be in front of all the subwindows. This is
a problem because then I can no longer see any of the subwindows I created. I don't know
if this is the proper way to fix this problem, but it seems to work.

I have attached a test program to illustrate the problem on windows. I have also attached a patch that might fix the problem. However, there may be a better way to solve the problem. I am not a windows programmer, so I don't have detailed knowledge about the specific style flags and what exactly they do.


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    Anonymous - 2012-05-18

    Don't use WS_POPUP window style, example test program

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  • Diederick C. Niehorster

    Thanks for the report. I see similar problem in our Resizer demo (today i added a child window to do some testing, and I saw this problem as well, and then now i see your report).

    I'm afraid the fix you propose is not working for me, both for the resizer demo and for the code you sent...

    I continue being puzzled by this as well. I tried changing the Z order of the child windows, but that doesn't do anything...


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