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FreeFrame becomes definitive standard for VJ effects

FreeFrame support is now in place for the vast majority of major VJ Softwares and environments, and I estimate that more than 300 plugins now exist in the wild.

It gives us great pleasure to see VJ software developers working together in this way accross windows, linux and mac - thus eliminating the enormous amount of duplicated work that was occuring in the community previously as developers reprogrammed the same effects in different VJ softwares.... read more

Posted by Russell Blakeborough 2005-05-14

124 FreeFrame Plugins out

I now have 124 FreeFrame plugins listed on the VJamm FreeFrame page:

And that's not counting Tranzendent plugins which can now be ported to FreeFrame using Pete Warden's amazing FreeChain. PeteFreeChain also allows non-programmers to make FreeFrame plugins in a simple visual drag and drop environment.

And host support is progressing well too - here's a roundup of a few of the softwares that can now load FreeFrame plugins:... read more

Posted by Russell Blakeborough 2004-06-16

FreeFrame 1.0 Release

Well after a lot of work, we're there - public release of FreeFrame 1.0 - the new realtime video effects plugin format for VJ software. FreeFrame allows plugin developers to develop one plugin that will work in a variety of video programs. Today's FreeFrame release coincides with the release of versions of VJamm and Resolume featuring native support for the standard. We are also releasing today plugin developer kits for C++ and Pascal developers, in addition to sample host code for application developers wishing to support the standard.... read more

Posted by Russell Blakeborough 2003-08-07

FreeFrame 0.75

Following on from the success of the FreeFrame development standard 0.5, we have now established the proposed specification for our forthcoming first public release version of FreeFrame - 1.0

The current development standard - 0.75 - is in testing and performing very well. The 0.75 standard looks like it will be promoted to release at 1.0 with only very minor changes based on our findings during testing.... read more

Posted by Russell Blakeborough 2003-06-20

FreeFrame 0.5 ready

The first public version of the Freeframe video effects plugin API - version 0.5 - has been reached. The framework has been proven in windows and linux and sample code is available for Delphi, MSVC, and GCC. Host application and plugin developers may now add support for Freeframe to their applications.
feature requests are now invited for version 1.0!

Posted by Marcus Clements 2003-02-27

48 Plugins - FreeFrame API v0.5 expected soon


FreeFrame has started off very well.
We are now up to 48 plugins with new ones coming out all the time, and host support is running in VJamm, Resolume, Visual Jockey, and soon EffecTV.

In addition to the plugins hosted at FreeFrame Sourceforge, Pete Warden has produced a large number of FreeFrame plugins, which can be downloaded from:
source: read more

Posted by Russell Blakeborough 2003-01-21

FreeFrame in effect!

The FreeFrame project is an open source cross-platform real-time video effects plugin API. FreeFrame is intended initially for video effects plugins for VJ (Visual Jockey) applications in Windows, Linux and MacOS. The group so far includes developers from VJamm (, Resolume ( and EffecTV ( Early code in Pascal (Delphi) and C (MSVC, GCC) is now in CVS including a Delphi Host, and Delphi and C sample plugins. ... read more

Posted by Marcus Clements 2002-11-16