struct EncodeHuffmanSpec undefined

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I keep getting an error that my variable is using an undefined structure EncodeHuffmanSpec.  I have both download windows distribution and built one from source.  None of the header files in the include directory define this structure.  Is this a bug in distribution/build?  What file do I need to include?

    • Ravi Korsa

      Ravi Korsa - 2009-06-03

      The user is not required to declare a variable of type "FwiEncodeHuffmanSpec". He can only decalre a pointer variable of FwiEncodeHuffmanSpec type. Later he can make use of a combination of the following functions depending on wether he wants to allocate the memory for the structure or if he wants framewave to take care of the memory allocation.

      The first function returns the size of teh structure
      The second function initialises the structure assuming you have allocated the memory
      The third function allocates the memory and then initialises the structure
      The fourth function frees the memory.

      1) fwiEncodeHuffmanSpecGetBufSize_JPEG_8u   ( int *pSize );

      2) fwiEncodeHuffmanSpecInit_JPEG_8u         ( const Fw8u *pListBits, const Fw8u *pListVals,
                                                                      FwiEncodeHuffmanSpec *pEncHuffSpec );

      3) fwiEncodeHuffmanSpecInitAlloc_JPEG_8u    ( const Fw8u *pListBits,
                                                                    const Fw8u *pListVals, FwiEncodeHuffmanSpec* *pEncHuffSpec );

      3) fwiEncodeHuffmanSpecFree_JPEG_8u         ( FwiEncodeHuffmanSpec *pEncHuffSpec );

      Let us know if this helps.

      - Ravi korsa


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