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Fractice bug fix for slow shallow zooms

The latest release of Fractice (1.0.05) fixes a bug that made shallow (non-deep) zooms take twice as long as they should have. The bug was introduced in the previous version (1.0.04). It was pretty simple: SSE2 support was accidentally disabled for shallow zooms. Deep zooms were unaffected. Checking the "Use SSE2" checkbox in Options/Engine made no difference. The bug was present in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and in both the server and the client. Sorry! It's all better now.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2010-01-27

Fractice adds native 64-bit version

The latest release of Fractice (1.0.04) includes a native 64-bit version, which renders as much as 2.5 times faster than the 32-bit version.

The 64-bit version has been tested on Intel Core2, Intel i7, and AMD X2 CPUs, under Vista x64 and Windows 7 x64, and in all cases it proved to be at least twice as fast as the 32-bit version of Fractice running on the same PC, typically 2.5 faster for deep zooms.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2010-01-14

Fractice 1.0.03 adds multi-leg recording

A new release of Fractice (version 1.0.03) is now available. This release adds a major new feature called multi-leg recording, which allows a movie's trajectory to contain more than two coordinates.

In previous versions, a movie's trajectory consisted of only two coordinates, start and end. The trajectory can now contain any number of coordinates, defining a series of connected linear segments or "legs", AKA a polyline. This allows an entire navigation history to be turned directly into a movie, by simply dragging the history items onto the Record dialog. The leg durations are calculated automatically, based on the amount of zoom change.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2010-01-09

Fractice now supports Mandelbar

The latest release of Fractice ( adds support for the Mandelbar (Tricorn) fractal. As with Mandelbrot, exponents ranging from 2 to 13 are supported. For optimal performance, exponent 2 (the default case) uses hand-coded SSE2 instructions, provided Use SSE2 is checked in Options/Engine. All other features including deep zoom, movie recording, and distributed processing are fully supported for Mandelbar.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2009-08-24

New release available; multi-leg recording in development

A new release of Fractice (version is now available. This release fixes some minor bugs; no new features were added.

Fractice is a free, open-source fractal explorer/renderer for XP/Vista. It supports navigation, history, previews, antialiasing, deep zoom, printing, posters, palettes, multicore and distributed processing, movie recording, undo/redo, color cycling, job control, mixing, MIDI, and more.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2009-07-12

Fractice development roadmap

If you've gone to the trouble of downloading Fractice and playing with it a bit, you might be curious to know where development is headed. The Fractice roadmap looks like this:

1) Finish the documentation. That's a sizable project (estimate: at least 100 hours) so it may overlap other items.

2) Add an "escape time keying" feature. Right now the only way to mix two fractal images in Fractice is via transparency (alpha) mixing. This has the unavoidable side effect of desaturating the colors in both images. Luma or chroma keying might do a better job of preserving the colors, but these methods aren't compatible with color cycling.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2009-04-15

Fractice multicore fractal explorer available for download

Fractice, a fractal explorer/renderer for XP/Vista, is now available for download. Its basic features include navigation, previews, history thumbnails, antialiasing, bitmap export, printing, palettes, and undo/redo. More advanced features include deep zoom, movie recording, posters, color cycling, batch rendering, and job control. The fractals currently supported are the Mandelbrot set, including cubic and higher-exponent variants, and the Newton.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2009-04-11