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FormFlow / News: Recent posts

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.15 & Developer 2006 Relased

Probably last relase!

Posted by Latwis 2007-07-03

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.14 & Developer 2006 Relased

Versio 1.1.14 - April 3rd 2007
Some bug fixs.

Posted by Latwis 2007-04-03

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.13 & Developer 2006 Relased

Form-explorer now in englis. Improved long text field. Form send is better now. Lots of bug fixs.

Posted by Latwis 2007-03-09

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.12 & Developer 2006 Relased

Version 1.1.12 - February 5th 2007
New version of form-explorer (fxd-explorer) (Only in Finnish). New time and date control. Lots of bug fixs.

Posted by Latwis 2007-02-05

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.11 & Developer 2006 Relased

Here is latest version of Viewer and totally new version of Developer. Now it is easy to create your own forms whit Developer.

Posted by Latwis 2006-11-29

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.10 & Developer Beta 0.7 Relased

Versio 1.1.10 - August 28th 2006
New signature component. Date component and lots of bug fixed.

Posted by Latwis 2006-08-28

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.9 & Developer Beta 0.7 Relased

Versio 1.1.9 - July 21th 2006
New splash-screen added. One fatal bug fixed in checkboxgroup -component. FormFlow Developer Beta added (not include manual)

Posted by Latwis 2006-07-21

FormFlow Developer Beta 0.6

FormFlow Developer Beta 0.6
Still have some bugs. But basically everything work. Easy wizard to create FormFlow Viewer forms.

Posted by Latwis 2006-07-14

FormFlow Developer Beta 0.5

First version of FormFlow Developer. Not include manual but is easy to use. Only logfieldofchars field type is supported now.

Posted by Latwis 2006-07-10

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.8 Relased

Versio 1.1.8 - June 30th 2006
New control CheckBox2 which support background image. Some bugi fixed in Input Panel.

Posted by Latwis 2006-06-30

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.7 Relased

Versio 1.1.7 - June 6th 2006
Now program support background image. New control - "Input Panel". And some bugifix.

Posted by Latwis 2006-06-15

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.6 Relased

Version 1.1.6 - June 2nd 2006
Now support OWL file format in .fwl. Added "refres" button. Fixed reopening crashes. Now menu enable and disable buttons that you can't use (program not any more crash because you can not select wron main menu buttons). Output file open fixed (.fxd). Meny minor bug fixed.

Posted by Latwis 2006-06-02

FormFlow Viewer 1.1.5 Relased

Version 1.1.5 - May 19th 2006 XML-load crash bug fixed. Text field time and date auto fill. Lots of minor adds and bugi fixes.

Posted by Latwis 2006-05-19

FormFlow Viewer version 1.1.4

FormFlow Viewer has been developed since start of this year (2006). First version was publiched in February 6th 2006. FormFlow Viewer is a program to show (and fill) different kind of forms in Tablet PC.

Version 1.1.4 - May 12th 2006
-First multi-language version (Finnish and English).
-Ink recognition supports two languages (English and German).
-Some minor bugs fixed.

Posted by Latwis 2006-05-15