Matt Perdeck - 2013-11-05

You're welcome to join the JSNLog project. It is very well defined and
documented. Within the project scope, you will have lots of autonomy. And
you'll be making your mark on a project that will benefit lots of other


JSNLog ( is an innovative new logging system for JavaScript
programs. It lets you log events (such as exceptions) in your JavaScript.
That log data is sent by the JavaScript library to a server side component,
which hands it to a server side logging package (such as Log4Net or Log4J)
that stores it on the server.

Additionally, JSNLog lets you configure your JavaScript loggers through a
configuration file on the server. So no need to change your JavaScript to
simply switch on a logger. The server side component does this by
generating JavaScript that calls library methods to switch loggers on, etc.

Finally, the JavaScript library itself has stacks of features to minimize
the bandwidth taken by the log messages. It is still tiny at 1.5kb.


The JavaScript library has been done. The server side component has been
done for Microsoft ASP.NET.

What is needed is server side components for PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails and
other Linux based environments.


You can develop your own server side component as a separate open source
project. That is, no need to modify existing code. When it's finished,
we'll add a link to your project from the project site

The server side component needs to interface with the JavaScript library.
That library has been thoroughly documented at

For inspiration, have a look at the features of the ASP.NET component, at There is no need to slavishly follow that example. If you build
a PHP component, it's best to build something that works the way PHP
developers expect things to work.

MORE INFORMATION and GETTING STARTED - main site - focus on the JavaScript library - repo for the JavaScript library and the

To say hello, or if you have any issues or questions, please get in touch at

Looking forward to working with you!

Matt Perdeck