Project Collaborator Wanted for Browser-centric cross-platform interoperability project

  • BearState

    BearState - 2013-11-22

    Project Wixel-SMEN

    Wixel-SMEN, Semantic Markup Enabled Navigation using change elements (Wixels), requires built-in browser-centric logic and can both ensure cross-platform interoperability and promote “write once” development and portability of robust web applications. Wixel-SMEN, introduces development of true semantic web aware browsers.

    Seeking collaborator(s) with browser internal and standards experience to participate in architecture, design, coding, implementation, evaluation and test.

    Purpose: Create a working proof of concept prototype, opportunity to co-author paper for submission to IEEE, ACM or other venue, qualify collaborator(s) for inclusion in follow-on project which will be much more comprehensive and purposed to bring true semantic web aware functionality to browsers. Conceptual model for follow-on has been formulated and awaits team organization.

    Time-line: It would be beneficial to complete the proof of concept prototype before 2014 call for papers.

    Contact: Go to bearstate and send message

    Project URL:

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  • BearState

    BearState - 2013-12-05

    Willing to mentor C/C++ (Python maybe) coders in browser internals for participation in this project and its follow-on project AA-SWAB. The amount of work to be done in Wixel-SMEN is small compared to the comprehensive level of the follow-on. Details on follow-on are under security black-out (sorry).

    Objective is to complete a working prototype for Wixel-SMEN to help justify application for funding on AA-SWAB (DARPA, SMEN, Corporate, et al.).

  • Sonu B

    Sonu B - 2013-12-18

    I am willing to contribute to this project. Please let me know the starting point.


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