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FosforitoCMS - fun CMS

  • Jens León Wagner

    We need interestet developers who know about PHP and MySQL or who want to leran these languages. Everyone is welcome to help us!

    FosforitoCMS is a CMS to learn and (currently) not to compete with wordpress or joomla... :D

    Project URL:
    My homepage:

    • Shane

      Shane - 2013-10-16

      Hello Jens,

      I have experience with PHP and MySQL. I will be looking through this project over the weekend. I was wondering how to join, how your group communicates, shares files etc. (I'm very new to open source development). How do I contact regarding further questions?

      • Jens León Wagner

        Hello Shane!

        You can join us cloning our git repository and starting to modify, add or make better what you like! Just commit your changes and we'll add them to the repository if they are good ;)

        If you don't know about git, you can send modifications via email too.
        Currently we communicate us via Email. (My email is

        Regards, Jens Wagner

    • Borislav

      Borislav - 2014-04-02

      Hola Jens! Me gustaria empezar con vos este proecto! Tengo experencia con mysql php symphony 1.4 java para android html css y c#.


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