Looking for programmers in Qt / C++ and let's be crazy: QML

  • Matthieu Bachelier


    I have created an audio player: it is called the "Miam-Player".

    It's written in Qt5 mostly: so basically, it's a sort of C++ but way more convenient and easy to use in my humble opinion.

    Check this page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/miammusicplayer/


    The core player is quite stable now, but you know, it's never finished...

    I need people for a lot of different reasons:
    -To translate in your language
    -The core has to be improved: when the filesystem is changing for example
    -The Single Library Mode (or Unique Library Mode) like Winamp or Foobar is just starting to be implemented<
    -To create some plugins: in C++ or in QML (like a deezer/spotify/lastfm browser on top of the search bar! It could be awesome). Or a torrent plugin. Or both.
    -To beta-test this player. I am quite confident that you can find the first bug.

    Thank you,


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    • Aman

      Aman - 2015-02-04


      I'm a second year student. I have a good knowledge of C++ and I will like to contribute to your project in any way, if I can. I am going through project and think that I can help with filesystem and in creating plugin.

      If you still need help, let me know.


  • Alexandre MALDEME

    Hi !

    I'm a student. I know C/C++ and I'm learning Qt. I can help if you still need (I'm also a native French speaker, I can translate too).


  • Marcos Luis Delgado


    I'm a 3rd year studen't and I have medium knowledge of C++. My native language is spanish. If would like to contribute to this project, let me know if you still need help. Thanks.

  • Liewyec

    Liewyec - 2015-01-17

    work as a PLC programmer, but I like C++ and I want to get better. I am also learning with QT. My native language is czech so I can translate. If you still need help please let me know.
    Thank you

  • Eric Yohansa

    Eric Yohansa - 2015-01-29


    Are you still accepting programmers? I know some C/C++ and would like to contribute.


  • Jonathan Gallagher

    Hi there.
    I can help translate it to Spanish [native] and beta-test it.

  • sina

    sina - 2015-02-05

    Hi !
    I know C/C++ and Qt.
    Also I can help translate it to Farsi (Persian).

  • eric revollo

    eric revollo - 2015-02-05

    Hello, I can help translating into Spanish, I work as both an English and Spanish teacher. If there's any way I can help please let me know.


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