Android GUI and audio access - implementation and test

  • Jan

    Jan - 2014-01-15

    javastim (, mainly a small low frequency signal generator, already has a java swing GUI as well as a terminal interface.
    Remote control is planned via network, for being able to control it via a cell phone a simple GUI is needed. Also, the application might be run as a standalone app or even remote controlled service on android, using the builtin audio API. The current dev has no android specific knowledge so far, but is eager to learn and will assist as much as necessary on everything else. Primary test scenario would probably be the standalone application, until the network components are completely working.

    If at all possible (which I think it should be without extreme effort), it would be desirable to have the android version source and build in the same environment as the existing application, i.e. no direct reference to android API - might be done via a reflection wrapper or a dummy jar. This way all sources are in one tree and easy to keep consistent.

  • BrockyLee

    BrockyLee - 2014-01-15

    such a feature if done right with an appropriate probe system, could lead to a very good implementation of a logic probe. If so I am willing to help but this project of using the headset maybe only 3v probes is insufficient, thankfully the android family hardware comes with a host usb adapter. So this is my purpose, and for packing audio data for writing to a audiodev see my repo at


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