Andrew Hannah - 2014-07-29

I am a recent Computer Engineer graduate looking for developers interested
in creating a web application which I believe to be a revolutionary way of
bringing consumers and business deals together in real time. I hope to gain
more coding experience and expertise through actual application development.

"Businesses use Twitter to advertise, but seldom do we seek them out and
most of their tweets go unnoticed.
WhereWolf is a web based application designed to connect users with
business deals through the use of Twitter tweets. A cross reference between
twitter handle and business location is established and cataloged. From
there, a business using a string of Twitter hastags can target their
audience by generating a tweet by deal type, price, etc.
Businesses can use the Twitter application as they normally would so long
as they: include @TBDTwitterHandle in their tweet, OR a simple #TBDTag.
For example, a sample bar and grill business tweet might look like this:
"@WhereWolfApp Come enjoy cocktails for half off at The Porch! Only tonight
from 6 to 8! Starts at 3 dollars! #drinks #dinner #3dollars #etc".
This application will allow users to search tweets for local activities
they can do given their own location, price range, time frame, etc.
Everything is still to be determined."

The project is in its infancy and I have only created a basic webpage using
ajax and jquery-mobile. Any help, thoughts, and suggestions you can lend me
and this project would be very helpful.