Marek - 2013-11-29


My name is Marek and I'm coming from Poland. I'm owner of successful site since 2011
I'm searching programmers that would like to create platform like PokerStars of FullTiltPoker, but for other games than poker.
I have a plan what to do and how it will look like, but need people that will do it. I want to create this software as fast as possible and would be cool if there will be more than one programmer and each will take a part of project. On start there will probably be no revenues from it, but I'll try to get advertisers as I'm specialist of searching such people (I'm doing this 3 years).
I propose to share revenues depending on work done. I'll take 1/x part from it depending on how many (x) people will be in project.
Would be great if you know any games platform or site that already exist and would want to take this project under it's name. Than promotion and earnings and also server with all the rest will be reserved.

If you wish to talk deeper about this than please, e-mail me
I'll answer for sure to all e-mails.