Anonymous - 2013-06-25

Looking for developers!

Project Homepage:

The project is coded in Linux shell scripts (bash). It currently has only one person constantly adding new code and maintaining all its aspects. (Code, research, user support, documentation writing, communication with upstream, releases.)

Project goals:
Becoming a mature Linux distribution. Improving all its aspects.

What am I looking for:
Imagine you started the project, feel responsible for all its aspects.

Chances of advancement:
You can become project lead developer and/or project leader.

Have any idea how to improve Whonix and want to do it? Do it.

You could also check the Feature/Bug tracker.

And pick a task which interests you most, or ask for the most important or most suitable one for you.

There are some tasks which require discussion, ideas, thoughts or only documentation, others require research or communication with upstream, some are ready to get implemented and are waiting for code.

If you're interested in long term involvement in Whonix, please sign up for Whonix Developer Mailing List and say hello.

For any questions in advance, you can also send a private mail:
adrelanos at riseup dot net