Want coaching/mentor for development project (seeking and experienced person)

  • Jake

    Jake - 2014-03-09


    My name is Jake and I'd like some help bridging the gap between program language learning, develpment concepts and tools learning, and doing an actual project. It can be something small and made up for the purpose of being walked through the process or something for real. Here is some more information about me and about the elements I would like to involve in this experience. If you have some experience doing this and would like to help someone get a little traction in the work, please contact me.

    • Elements I would like to be invilved (this exper should involve all
      of these):

    • Project management (using a design method we choose - ie: scrum,
      agile, extreme, watrfall, whatever)

    • UML design and design through documents (use case, object,
      component, package, etc)
    • Git repository use and management (using git)
    • IDE use (either eclipse or vim)
    • Code design and writing itself (any lang from list below)
    • Code documentation
    • Project wiki
    • Bug tracking
    • Note: I have some exper in each of the above

    • Languages I know, am learning, or am intersted in:

    • C (First lang taught to me in university)

    • C++ (Second lang taught to me in university)
    • Python (learning now throught self study - CBT Nuggets vid series)
    • Ruby (Definitely want to learn, probably next after Python)
    • HTML5 and CSS (Want to learn)
    • Javascript (Want to learn)
    • Java (Definitely want to learn)

    • Empasis/special needs:

    • Systhesis of various disciplines into something more cohesive and

    • Better knowlede and practical use of Git
    • Better knowledge and practical use of the higher oo
      programming concepts
    • Practical knowledge and use of oo designs (specific design patterns,
      Interfaces, etc, etc)
    • To create a gui (never done it but have dabbled w/ some
      reading and vids about it)
    • To complete a real world (or mock) project from beginnning to end,
      and involve all the fundamental concepts/taks listed in first

    • Some ideas for a real project that I've had (not neccessary for this
      exper, we can do anything):

    --> A synthesis of vim and eclipse...
    . build something like eclipse out of vim using the modular/plugin
    design that eclipse is based on to add ecliple like features to
    --> Oh, horror of horrors! To make git track direcotries, dir
    structure, and file names (not knowledeable enough to know if it
    would be as useful as I think)
    --> A gui file namager that uses a form type gui design and is geared
    toward batch processing
    --> An operating system based on a microkernel
    --> A fork of redmine
    --> A project involving a particular artificial intelligence
    technology I've become interested in. Named GROK.


    ==> If you have some real world experience (I do not) and would be
    interested in helping me start to walk, please contact me and lets
    get started! Or just say hi. I'd love to make some programmer


    Last edit: Jake 2014-03-09
    • Atle Solbakken

      Atle Solbakken - 2014-03-10


      Maybe you could consider joining the new P* Web Programming Language project:

      https://github.com/P-star/P-star / http://www.p-star.org

      P* is mainly written in C++.

      The project is still quite small, only 3 coders. Currently we're in the process of writing more functionality for the language.

      Take a look at the issue list, maybe you find something you want to work on.



    • Code Guru

      Code Guru - 2014-03-14

      BBCT is a baseball card collector's app for Android and desktop environments. We are looking for more developers to help with our outstanding issues. If you are interested in joining a small team of developers, please join our mailing list and introduce yourself.


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