lexoyo - 2014-01-17

Silex, the website builder is used by non profit organizations, small companies and freelancers around the world. More than 20.000 sites are powered by silex, and growing fast. We are competitors of Wix and Jimdo for example.

Silex v2 is in beta version and it is available online in SaaS mode for free thanks to Silex Labs, our foundation. This new version is a real game changing in the field of web design with open source tools, but as a new version, it obviously lacks plugins and templates for beginners to start.

We have already several templates which we made to test the tool, like this website, my about me page or the templates made by students of CIFACOM, a multimedia school.

We are looking for someone to help on this matter, make more templates and with better design, or help new users to get started in any way. Someone who will take the lead, arbitrate the priorities with the small dedicated dev team.

We do not necessarily look for someone with the skills, the designers in the community can definitely help you getting started.