#190 Is there any way to translate the bug/feature request data from berliOS to Sourceforge


Hi, I'm a developer of Codeblocks IDE hosted in Sourceforge. Since years ago, we have moved the SVN repo from BerlioS to sourceforge. Now, we still consider translate the bug/feature request database of Codebloks IDE from Berlios to sourceforge. Are there any way to do this translation? (In berlios, these data can be dumped to an XML file, it is also OK if sourceforge can import those XML files)

BTW: one of our devs Morten had such feature request here: #22161 Transfer script for BerliOS->SourceForge, but it was closed later without any solutions. All were 2 years ago. Now, are there any news about this translation support?



  • Dave Brondsema

    Dave Brondsema - 2013-11-08

    Hi, we don't have an import process available specifically for Berlios, but you can import tickets based on a certain JSON format. That format is not fully documented but you can create a test project/tracker and export its data and use that as a complete example. See Admin > Export, and Admin > Import > Allura Import. So if you have a way to extract the data from Berlios then you can create that json file and import it.

  • ollydbg

    ollydbg - 2013-11-15

    Hi, Dave, thanks for the reply, in-fact, Berlios can also export tickets in JSON format, but I compared the one with SF's, similar, but different in details. We have discussion in Codeblocks' forum, also with a link to our exported JSON file from BerliOS, I hope someone can help us to translate the Berlios style JSON to SF style JSON, thanks.

    Our discussion in C::B forum:

    Then exported JSON file of BerliOS are here (2M xz file):


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