Common Issues
I am having trouble accessing or logging into my account
How can I change my account settings?
I need help finding or using a specific project
Is your software free?
Remove sensitive data
Where can I find data for academic research?
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Project Admins
How can I delete or rename my project?
Why is there a malware warning on my project?
Can I take over an obsolete project?
I need help setting up SSH keys
How can I create a webpage for my project?

Account Access

Manage Account Settings

When logged in you can access your account settings at the top right of your browser. 'Me --> Profile' or 'Me --> Account Settings'.

  • Your profile view shows your information and the projects your are part of.
  • The settings page lets you edit your information, add SSH settings, as well as manage your subscriptions to various projects.

Project Help

  • Projects will often have a 'support' tab providing information on where to receive the type of support needed. If they do not, it is possible that another one of the tabs provides useful information such as 'discussions' or 'tickets'.
  • You can find a specific project using the search bar on the top of the main page. After searching a term, refine the search using the subcategories if needed.
  • Sometimes another resource will link to a project on our site which is no longer available. Generally this means that the project has been removed. However you are always welcome to submit a ticket.

Is the software you provide free?

The software hosted on our site is both free and Open Source. Each project is expected to provide their own Open Source License which contains any restrictions on the use of the software or code. If a project is not free, does not provide source code, or does not contain a valid Open Source License: please report it here.

How do I remove my Sensitive Data?

To remove any of your sensitive data please send us an email: Depending on the situation we can either provide directions on how to remove it or remove it ourselves. For full account removals and deletions you may also use the above email.

Project Removal/Changes

Why is there a malware warning on my project?

You can view all the malware flags at: (replace unixname with your projects name). Files are listed in three separate categeries: Suspicious files, whitelisted files, and additional information:

  • Suspicious Files: Files marked as suspicious will require extra steps for users to download. It is recommended to take steps to fix these issues such as removing the files if they are outdated or fixing them to comply with the scanner. If you feel there is a legitimate reason for any of these files to contain known malware signatures, or are otherwise deserving of consideration for whitelisting, please submit a support ticket here.
  • Whitelisted Files: This shows the files from your project that have already been whitelisted.
  • Additional Information: These results are usually seen when a part of a file is unable to be extracted properly. This could be either an issue with the file itself or because the scanner had trouble doing that. If your files extract normally and work for regular users, then you do not need to make any changes.

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