Re: Question about example system Xplus3

Allen Chen
  • Allen Chen

    Allen Chen - 2014-05-28

    Hi Zoitl,

    I tested forte on QNX in the VMware. And forte was started by hand. I am
    sure that the download procedure is Ok as the printed traces can be seen.
    Thank you.

    Allen Chen

  • Zoitl Alois

    Zoitl Alois - 2014-05-28


    I just wanted to be sure to rule out some common problems I got reported recently. As Martin said you the reason see two times the same target IP address is that you the PUBLISH and SUSBSCIRBE block are sending to UDP multicast addresses and in the tutorial the used address for both directions is the same UDP multicast address. A possible reason that you have for both the same originator address could then be your VM setup.